Israeli Secret Society Scientists Sells COVID-19 to the Chinese

A recent source just revealed this to me about how the Israel secret society known as “Lady Falconberg” are the ones who created the virus and sold it to China in order to release it and to create the current outbreak.

The motive is strictly for profit. The US, Israel, and China are all in on the Covid-19 creation, and the idea was to start a world wide pandemic in order to create the demand for an anti virus that will be worth billions of dollars to which Big pharma companies of all three countries will profit handsomely. The roll out of this new vaccine will not only have an component where whoever is inoculated will be injected with a new invisible Nano Tech that will be able to track people but also adding to it will have the capabilities to control them as well. (Mark of the beast)

It was reported the interest expressed originally by the Chinese CCP members when Israeli developers offered to sell technology of a drone that looks, and acts exactly like a household fly, to which is the the deliverer of the Covid-19 virus. The first contact happened in Djibouti exposing a Chinese national who then traveled back to Wuhan sometime in September of 2019, who in turn ended up contracting the virus and spreading it to other unsuspecting victims. The reason the Djibouti location was chosen, is because it had to be in a warmer climate where flies are more prevalent and active at this time of year and it would have been unsuspecting.

Following the outbreak the subsequent cover-up started and WHO was also recruited and instructed to mitigate any lingering suspicions by heading off the public relations campaign detail.

More on this story when more is learned. Share what you know or theories you may have or heard about this particular story.

This is the actual Drone Fly tech taken by a informant who has now since disappeared.


Further proof that the technology for such a fly already has been developed