Israel denies entry to Tlaib and Omar

At Trump’s request, Israel has blocked entry into its country to two U.S. Congresswomen.
Makes no sense and it appears that Israel is indeed Trump’s puppet.

Completely unprecedented that a US president would pressure an ally to block entry of setting US congresspersons. But, is there really anything surprising here.

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Meanwhile back at the ranch:

Trump told senior White House advisers he hopes Israel uses its anti-boycott law to block the freshmen Democrats from touring the country, according to Axios. The law, passed by Israel’s Parliament in 2017, allows the country to refuse entry to anybody who supports boycotts against Israel.

The White House has denied that Trump made any such statement.

“The Israeli government can do what they want. It’s fake news,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said on Saturday.


Tlaib and Omar, for years now: “BOYCOTT ISRAEL!!! GAS ■■■■■■■■

Israel: “We don’t want you two in our country.”

Tlaib and Omar, just now: “DASS WAYCISS!!! ISLAMOPHOBIA!!! BIGOTS!!! F*CKING ■■■■■■■■

The comedy here writes itself.


Nothing wrong here. Now ban them from America.


It’s completely unprecedented for US congresswomen to refer to Israel as Palestine in all of their official correspondence associated with the trip. That’s one way to piss the Israelis off.


Are you just making a funny, or are you in favor of banning US citizens you have political differences with?

I have been a supporter of Israel forever and I am reconsidering that support. Actually, It would be smart for Israel to welcome the Congresswomen to show them what Israel truly stands for. Trump lies about anything so there is no reason to believe him now.

If they malign the ■■■■■■ state from within its borders, then out they go.

Israel green lighted them a few days ago, but within the hour of Trump’s tweet, they reversed it.

But that’s still besides the point that Trump is setting a very bad precedent with this. No longer surprising from this guy though.

Is that their quote or is it your quote because if it is yours, it has no relevance.

Even the powerful Israel lobby AIPAC opposes Israel’s action on this…:man_shrugging:

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Actually, it is smart to deny them entry. They don’t need to lay out the red carpet for people whose sole intent is to cause divide.

Perhaps if they were capable of showing respect and even handedness it would be a different result.

That they were denied entry is on them due to their rhetoric and behavior.

I had a dream that they disappeared! No really, it’s true. Like Talib for example, news was saying that she had been missing for quite sometime and conspiracy theories were all over the place as to what happened. Omar disappeared at the same time but no one wanted to talk about her.

No evidence of Trump having a hand in it and they were appropriately denied entry.

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Just like with everything they want to put Trump’s name on it. Even if Trump had a hand in this, which he didn’t, I would totally back him. Those two idiots only represent a very small fraction of the United States and shouldn’t be making a mess for the rest of us.

It wasn’t “at his request”, it was simply his opinion and I share that opinion with the President.


I think every American whose blood runs red, white, and blue shares your opinion.


They should be banned from America because they hate this country and they’re trying to tear it down.


If what your country is doing seems to you practically and morally wrong, is dissent the highest form of patriotism?

Trump came down the elevator in 2015 to announce his candidacy by telling us all the things wrong with America and how he alone could fix it. He hammered away on all our institutions, our president, Congress, the direction of our policies and vowed to reverse it all and make America great again.

By your definition, he should have just went back to Germany where his family is from if he hated America so.