Is White Genocide Real?

Old predicted US population reduction by 2/3 and
similar figures for the UK and western Europe.

Whites, Christians, Conservatives, are all being targeted. Why? They don’t put politics or Neo-Cons running for public office above "God. Although some do, however they will not submit to this NWO, or the communist doctrine in the guise of Big Tech to control their lives. COVID is the mechanism to drive fear and when that runs out of steam they will create war in order to get people to focus on the new shiny thing! Wash rinse and repeat! People are waking up to the new ruse as the bloom is off the plantation where many are starting to think for themselves!


In relation to Covid, the Reading Hospital has fired a doctor for prescribing the ivermectin chloroquine for Covid patients because its " not FDA approved ".

It’s not part of the leftist agenda .

In an effort by dems to keep control .

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Christians have always been targeted and persecuted, as you well know. It will always be so. I’m happy and grateful to be a Christian. Nothing or anyone is above God.


With the so-called "approved " vaxes that alter DNA , the vaxers have become government lab sponsored guinea pigs. With the altered DNA, people could become more mind controlled than they’re now with the government BS. I haven’t seen information on the possibility of it being harder to becine pregnant and an increase of birth defects. There has to be a reason, the F&@kedup Drug Admin hasn’t approved Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for use. It hasn’t harmed Donald Trump!!!


As an update , the Pa House will consider a bill to give LEGAL protection to doctors that prescribe the above vax and reqire pharmacists to fill the medication and allow hospital patients to receive it.

Just an opinion

Well Didge, I didn’t know that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was the synagogue of satan, but of course there’s no surprise upon learning that….

Damn, that Trump vaccine has ALL the Trumpers running scared……:flushed:

Oh yes it has……:joy::joy::joy:

Damn, that Trump vaccine has ALL the Trumpers running scared

Oh look! The prodigal dk head is back! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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As if it was Trump that invented the Vaccine while ignoring big Pharma! No wonder why you are regarded as the class ass clown here!


Welcome back!!! I’m one of the Trumpers and not scared. You must be happy with DC deciding what’s best for us and taking freedoms away. In your mind, Dr. Mengele Fauci should have the Nobel Prize for Medicine.I would sooner trust a tribal witch doctor ,rolling bones on a blanket.
You’re showing the signs of weakened thinking from the DNA damage of the vax. I would rather take the Ivermectin. Japan has had success with it.

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Totally agree with you. I already told you I’m vaxxed… and regret it . Fauxci needs to be in prison , along with 100’s of others over this Covid bullshit.

Take ivermectin and other non-invasive medicine recommended by conscientious doctors. (Some say pine needle tea and dandelion tea will do, but I’m not sure)

I didn’t believe that I singled you out in my post.If I did I apologize.

We have to have to ask Dr. Terry Bradshaw.