Is Kim Jong-Un dead in North Korea?

Everyone keeps saying that Kim Yo Jong is even worse than Kim Jong Un. What do you think should we expect with her as the new Supreme Leader of DPRK?

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She’s going to try to appear tough coming out of the gate to prevent insurrection and will probably end up kicking off WW3.

Women are natural tyrants. This will be even worse for the North Korean people. No idea how it will change geopolitics. They only have as much sway as China allows them to have.

Korea has been, and is a male-dominated society.
North Korea is just a satellite state of communist China.
How will the downfall of the Chinese economy affect North Korean?
Very interesting to see.

Much of what we hear about North Korea in the press is propaganda.

North Korea just wants to be left alone, plain and simple. They are practically surrounded by US military bases. They NEED a strong defense, just in case.

If you want to understand geopolitics, look at the positions of both sides.

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Who cares? They are filthy communists.

North Korea is not exactly communist. They promote the idea of racial purity and don’t tolerate homosexuality, feminism, and other forms of perversion.

This from HK

They also execute pornographers, the “actors”, the camera man, the director, everyone involved.

There isn’t going to be a WWIII.

If anything, let the South Koreans do war if they want to free their brothers and sisters in the North. Or at least the South should pay the US with at least $1 Trillion in profit alone (fee) + whatever such a military action would cost, if they want the Kims removed.

That is never going to happen. China will never allow a western nation to border their own country. It’s why they fought so hard in the Korean War.

Perhaps it helps to understand the Korean obsession about “unification.”

The Korean peninsula was unified for the first time in the middle of the 7th century by a king from the Kingdom of Silla in the southeast. Nonetheless, the cultural differences persisted to the 21st century among the four regions: the north which pretty much corresponds to North Korea, the southwest, the southeast and the Jeju Island which form the Republic of Korea in the south.

If a young couple today from the southwest and southeast respectively wants to marry, their parents are likely to object.

Kim Jong-Un Dead’ – Multiple Sources Claim North Korean Dictator Died Saturday Night

It was being reported as fact by media outlets in China and Japan that the 36-year-old dictator was dead. Other sources said he was on his death bed in a vegetative state with no hope for recuperation after botched heart surgery. Because of the nature of the ultra secret regime in North Korea claims of Kim Jong-un’s death are very difficult to verify before an official state announcement.

But a Hong Kong-backed news channel’s vice director, who claims to be the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, made the announcement.

Vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television Shijian Xingzou says that a ‘very solid source’ has told her Kim Jong-un was dead.

Further sources were reporting a Chinese medical team had been sent to North Korean capital Pyongyang.

Hours ago a Japanese weekly called Shukan Gendai claimed the North Korea’s dictator was in a vegetative state after complications from heart surgery.

There is strong evidence of WWIII actually playing out, RIGHT NOW, in the form of bio-warfare.

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My hope is that she will not go to war, and will in fact maximize trade with other countries to ensure Eternal Korea. I would not mind it if one day we all use North Korean Samsung smartphones.

The important factor in all of this is how are we going to convince her to make the right choices for her country. I mean her leadership can easily be comparable to Catherine the Great taking Russia over from her diseased brother Peter the 3rd.

If Kim Yo Jong can’t take over North Korea through a relatively small Chinese-lead coup, who could become the first non-Kim leader of North Korea?

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She’s likely going to be the last North Korean leader.

Women in positions of power can’t do anything right, especially in an autocracy.

UNLESS, of course, the army takes de facto control of the country and she becomes just a figurehead, which might explain the recent visit from China to North Korea.

Catherine the Great was German, not Russian.
Like Napoleon was Corsican, Hitler was Austrian, and Stalin was Georgian.

The rumor about Kim Jong-Un being dead made the South Korean currency tumble. Also interesting.

This bitch makes her brother seem like an angel. Everyone in the intelligence community knows this little bitch has run the nation from the background while Kim played around with being as a powerless figurehead. Now this hardcore feminist is in total control. The same bitch who has advocated for preemptive nuclear strikes against the West as well as China many times. Kim is as DEAD as a doornail and Dr. Shaky Hands is going to be executed as a spy and assassin.

Expect an above ground test of the North’s nuclear weaponry in “honor” of Kim Jong-un’s death VERY SOON. After that……who knows!