Is Kamala eligible?

What is NOT covered for Kamala is Alien parent and Alien parent. Surely you can understand that.

Ohhh, sorry, you are still back on Barry Hussein Sotoero. You continue to avoid my question which again is, describe what you believe are the differences between a naturalized citizen, a born citizen and a natural born citizen. It is obvious to anyone with English as their first language, an understanding of US Code, SCOTUS rulings and dicta and the Constitutional Convention that these terms define differences and similarities with the term citizen. What do you understand to be those differences if not as I have explained?
A small horse, a tall horse and a tall saw horse all are horses but with distinct different meanings. Likewise here. We can let this ‘dead horse’ lay if you will explain this for me. :wink:

There is no difference between a born citizen and a natural born citizen. You keep ignoring my response. You’re flat out wrong. Again, this is just a stupid argument that will lead no where and it’ll end up distracting people that should be exposing and fighting policies, such as “gun buy back” proposals from Harris. That shit does damage while you’re attempt to draw lines that don’t exist is a bridge to no where.

Naturalized parents, legal immigrants. She’s a natural born citizen. I’m feeling the same as when Obama was being accused of not being a citizen. I’m defending someone I can’t stand because truth is important.

If there is no difference then why did the men writing the Constitution debate changing the term citizen to born citizen then to natural born citizen. Huuummm? Read the Notes from the Constitutional Convention by Madison.

Her parents were sojourners not citizens. Is that so hard to understand?

BTW, NO ONE claimed 0bama was not a citizen, he is not a natural born citizen. Come On Man, words mean things. You can’t drop the adjectives to fit your dogma.

If you accept that Obama was born in Hawaii and his mother was a US citizen, doesn’t that make him a natural born citizen?

A natural born citizen is one born to US citizen parents (father and mother) on US soil.

According to what I read, the term is vague and open ended, such as one parent being a US born citizen as a qualifier.

Not enuff of a qualifier for NATURAL born citizen. The language is clear.

Then cite it verbatim! Because that is not the impression I gotten. What is the qualifier to be a US president?

He’s a natural born citizen whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii. Sorry, you’re still wrong. As to the rest of the semantics bullshit, her parents were legal immigrants, they were subject to US jurisdiction, therefore she is a natural born citizen. As to the born -vs- natural born, US v. Wong Kim Ark, a natural born citizen is a citizen born here to parents subject to US jurisdiction. That includes immigrants.

Look, I don’t give a rats ass what your opinion is, LEGALLY the woman is a citizen and it’s just a stupid thing to chase because it isn’t going anywhere and it’s ultimately wasting time and effort in disputing her politics. Hell, I don’t even want the system changed to make it where a legal immigrant coming here has a kid and that kid isn’t a natural born citizen. To me, it’s obvious that her parents moved here, they were naturalized and they had every intention of being US citizens. She is NOT what the founders sought to protect us from. They sought to protect us from people with loyalty to somewhere other than the US becoming our President. Where the hell would anyone born here be loyal to if not the US? I fully disagree with her methods, her politics, her direction for this country but I’m not arrogant or stupid enough to suggest she wants to kill this nation so India can take over.

Incorrect. That is NOT what the law reads. You’re just believing lies.

I will post a plethora of info with links to the original documents supporting the true meaning and intent of “natural born citizen”. I have read nearly ALL of this and verified it for myself over the past 13 years. Some I proofread before it was published and a few points and examples included are mine. You can review it and discuss it with me or ignore it and continue in your belief you are correct. I don’t care.

That is what a person writing for Cornell Law believes, it isn’t factual.

Post the LAW, not some bullshit on “

Kamala’s parents were not even legal residents when she was born. Scheesch!?!?!

I don’t want to read a discussion, I want you to post the actual constitution that supports your statement in your own words! Stop being lazy!

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