Is it time to abandon our troops AGAIN?

I guess you missed the fact that the US has lost every war game with Taiwan against a Chinese attack on the island. Like I said, you’re too old to be asked to give your life to prevent China from annexing Taiwan….

It’s a matter of time until China annexes Taiwan….

Perhaps the people of Taiwan don’t like the promises the Mainlanders give.

We can’t even get those demoRAT assholes to condemn China for killing millions with their China virus that cost the USA over 10 trillion so far , not counting all the businesses closed because of draconian mandates by this asshole administration . We are not even allowed to call it was it is , GERM WARFARE .

*" In recent years, Beijing has cracked down on Hong Kong’s freedoms, stoking mass protests in the city and drawing international criticism."
WE GET NOTHING BUT PROMISES FROM OUR SO-CALLED LEADERS . We are at the verge of losing most of our rights under this restrictive administration . Our right to choose -GONE . Women are allowed to kill their babies using taxpayer dollars under my body, my choice . HIPAA laws ignored , censorship in full swing . Any fight we should have is the fight with the assholes in the WH and the Houses .

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Damn right !!! Nor would I !!! Why the hell enter into another unwinnable "conflict " / war . China has made huge gains on the USA during the Obozo administration , our military was in shambles . You really don’t want to see the result of war with China !!!

To those who have been paying attention to it, which is nobody I’ve seen on this forum, the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on China’s military advancements which went into overdrive following the US invasion of Iraq, we’ve had plenty to be concerned about for the last 18 years. The US is no longer the top dog and it’s a matter of time before we find that out if we continue to insist on telling Russia and China what they cannot do……

I download that report every year and I get the monthly brief on China from Foreign Policy….

We aren’t the top player because our politicians are on the take and benefit from being shills for the Chinese. If there were any actual patriots in government, we would have crushed those fucking bug people years ago.

Yeah well, warmongering is what Americans are sick of and want an exit from. Also I doubt that you’d be sacrificing your life just to prove your point to China….

Many , Many years ago . Our military was ravaged by the demoRATS while the RINO’S sat idly by !
You really don’t want to test our might against China today .

A Rare good decision by Bidens Defense Dept to add more Marines to train Taiwans soldiers.

I could not disagree with that more….

China Fires Back at Reports of U.S. Commandos in Taiwan

So do you believe U.S Marines will be dired upon by Communist China???

I believe this is an unnecessary provocation towards China.

I say let the chinks take Taiwan. I’d rather nuke their stupid asses over supply chain disruptions. They need to learn that they and their people exist only to serve our most basic needs. If they can’t do that then they are useless and should be nuked.

Lol, clearly you are uninformed on China’s current military capabilities and its own nuclear power status.

The Chinese can’t and won’t do shit. They literally build buildings out of garbage and trash. Let them cook dogs and eat em. They are nothing and deserve to be stomped. Fuck those gook f a g g o t a.

I guess you’re another that hasn’t bothered to read the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on China’s growing military threat over the past decade….

What was the Pentagon writing in between their manual on how to tongue the anuses of gay N I G G E R S?

Quite possibly, we’ll see……