Is it time to abandon our troops AGAIN?

That might be true, but when and if that happens, America will/should get involved.

And yet you don’t like that US tax dollars are spent to help say, Haitians or Guatemalans……:thinking:

Says WHO???
China trades with Australia, Europe, South America and the US through those shipping lanes….what reason do they have for those lanes to be compromised…

They’ll control what ships go through those lanes and threaten them maybe sith a "uzer toll " to use them . Tbere is nothing Communist China would do that would be a surprise.
You and President Cowardly Lion are the few that would trust them.

I don’t “trust” China or Russia or Japan or France or the US………

Holy shit ! You made sense twice so far , not bad for posting 25,345 times . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Too Fu@cking bad . Our troops are far to valuable to die . DemoRATS a history HISTORY of screwing our brave solders , how many more legs and arms do we need to leave in a foreign Country . " We got back our great fallen heroes, the remains sent back today, already 200 got sent back,” Trump did what DemoRATS never would !!!
Have we forgotten the air assault was launched from the island of Taiwan which was then under Japanese military rule. Taiwan was the jumping-off point for the attacks on both the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). You want us to get involved in a nuclear war with China and watch Russia , Iran join in the fight ? How fu@king wacky are you ?

As for Biden, what are you talking about, he’s making unnecessary (IMO) provocations aimed at China right now….

I wouldn’t be encouraging the president to start shit with China….

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I bet you believe Hong King Kong is a self governing province. The Taiwanese world suffer greatly umder Ping Pong for the yrs of their resistance. It will become an island" Reeducation camp".
Maybe you could have a job as a " counselor ".With the Cowardly Lion as president they are not afraid of him , point their fingers and laugh at him. Something they wouldn’t think of doing to President Trump.
What could Ping Pong do if alot of countries had the courage to instantly recognize the Republic of China( Taiwan) as a free and independent country and establish embassies their. Retaliate against all of them militarily???

Why do we need people around the world to fear the American president to begin with. You’re an old man so no skin off your teeth, but Americans are generally fed up with US military adventurism, and war with China means we’d be taking on Russia and Iran along with them all at the same time and the 20 year olds in America today are marshmallows, they aren’t the men that fought WW2….

Be careful what you wish for in your endeavor to criticize president Biden……

The village idiot with dementia is likely to start a war.

Oh I thought that button was to turn on the TV not launch nuclear weapons.
What are nuclear weapons?
Joe Biden.



You’re old enough to have learned a few lessons by now…:roll_eyes:

The US has LOST all of its war games with Taiwan to protect the island from Chinese attack over the last few years…

Taiwan will come under direct Chinese rule again and there’s nothing the US can, or should for that matter, do about it….

Are you kidding ? The DemoRATS had to embrace Communist Agendas like censorship against non communist thought and gun control to prevent the citizens from having an armed insurrection against their plans to take away our freedoms. Communists have a missionary zeal for controlling everything sound familiar ? Look at the actions of the “Squad” , Bernie Sanders .
The goal of communists is to have absolute power over people’s lives and to enrich themselves. What Democrat could resist these things?

‘Watters’ World’ investigates Nancy Pelosi’s financial dealings up to $315 million in assets | Fox News

Would you be so quick to defend an American state that broke away from the US and was seeking military protection against America from Russia and China….:thinking:

For the LAST TIME, Taiwan wads established by Chinese Nationalists after being defeated.I assume Taiwan was part of mainland China.
Now to increase their dominance of the South China Sea, they have to destroy what the Taiwanese have worked hard for and with your approval.

Yeah, China has a strong argument that Taiwan dates to the Ming Dynasty….

But either way, it’s not the business of the United States……

And again their interests in the SCS is primarily fishing and oil. You have no evidence that China wants to impede shipping, and doing so would be self defeating….

We do not need another conflict or war haven’t enough American died for the interest of others ? Are we being paid to protect Taiwan ? Does Taiwan give us a pass on shipping charges ? We just abandon Americans in Afghanistan Biden decided to return plane near empty leave them to fend for themselves . Did the DemoRATS bring home the 200 plus troops left in Korea for 65 plus years ?? HELL NO !!! Begin to tell me who of the trannies , ■■■■ , leftist commie , BLM , and thumb sucking demoRATS will volunteer to fight in a war today ? EXACTLY !!!

I may not have thst evidence, but looking at their tack record, that is clearly within their thinking.
I guess it’s our business to allow COMMUNIST CHINA to intimidate any country they choose as long as we look the other way. We need to show them that won’t be tolerated anymore.
Truthfully, I don’t advocate a war, but they deserve a GOOD PUNCH IN THE FACE if they lauch a missile or " accidentally " fire on a Taiwan military facility.