Is it time to abandon our troops AGAIN?

What is braindead Joe up to now ? More of our troops to kill ? China smells weakness !!!

A contingent of U.S. Special Operations and Marine forces have been secretly operating out of Taiwan as aggressive Chinese actions continue to escalate, a report said Thursday.

US Special Forces secretly deployed to Taiwan for at least a year: report | Fox News

"The Chinese attack against Taiwan is going to begin at 2:15am local time on September 25, 2021 . The plans include two weeks of bombardment followed by an amphibious landing. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS AGREED PRIVATELY TO WITHHOLD THIS INFORMATION FROM TAIWAN, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND THE WORLD.


“China is increasingly over the top,” he said. “We must come together as one and strengthen ourselves, only then will countries that want to annex Taiwan not dare to easily resort to force.”

Lets send Biden to Communist China so he can f#@k thst country up.It would never be the same. I feel bad for the lower officers ,NCOs and enlisted people that have to see him as the C in C.

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We will certainly abandon Taiwan as we did Afghanistan and dumped on France.

But the world cheered when trump left office only to realize they are on their own.

That moron couldn’t make a decent pinata in Mexico !!!

China air force sends 77 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone over two days, Taipei says - CNN

The self-governing island said a total of 39 Chinese military aircraft entered the ADIZ on Saturday, one more than the 38 planes it spotted on Friday.

China warns U.S. over reports that American forces are stationed in Taiwan . The developments in the Indo-Pacific were creating new tensions that “could have a devastating effect on international security and the global economy if they are not handled carefully.”

Ah, the consequences of the election. We have a senile EUNUCH in charge . President Trump would have have a " clear message ", if thry stepped one foot on Taiwans soil. He may not have the greatest personality, but was respected or feared by world leaders.
Other than Monte, who respects Bidet???

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We will see our troops slaughtered in Taiwan by the Chinese and left there to die , another Benghazi .

Shocking new report: Obama administration denied 3 calls for help in Benghazi - Glenn Beck

The Benghazi attack and evil Hillary lied with misinformation four Americans were murdered during an attack and Hillary never answer the call for HELP !

An urgent request for military help during the terrorist attack on the US consulate there was denied by the CIA chain of command and the Obozo Administration . Fighter jets could have been at Benghazi in an hour; the commandos inside three hours

As Queen Hillary I would say, What does it matter!!!

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It is now significantly past September 25, 2021.

Msybe a nuke on Ping Pongs house (whatever his name is) will " Readjust their Attitude " !!!

The US should not be meddling in Taiwan. This is a sovereign and independent country. The issue of Taiwan’s position of independence is a political issue between China and Taiwan. The US should not be interfering with that decision. The US has no business being there.


Perhaps this is another way your hero Biden is "taking care of the middleclass > :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why are we willing to get involved with every conflict in the entire World ? Why did Dipshit Biden withdraw from Afghanistan and leave Americans there to die . So we are going to send troops to Taiwan to die and start a nuclear war with China ?
We no longer have a treaty obligation to come to the defense of Taiwan .


Taiwan’s existence is NOT dependent upon the US and we needn’t be spending American blood and treasure taking on China to do so!!!

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WTF , you made sense !!! :writing_hand:


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Nor are we obligated by treaty….

Taiwans existence depends on U.S military help.They can’t resist Communist China by itself.
If Communist China occupies Taiwan, they will immediately tbreaten shipping lanes to Japan and the Philippines . This a first step of an attempt at world domminance by any method of intimidation they choose.
We have an Admin that cowers like cowards to Communist China and will allow Taiwan to fall.
This is defending a FREE and SOVEREIGN country with a Democratic style government which we should defend from Communism . This would be an operation with a defined goal, not having to be there forever.

I have to agree with you on this one.