Is Civilized Society in the Early Stages of Breaking Down?

When looking at this story I can not help but wonder what is going on? The other, the second meditation when looking at this story longer, is this a mere early warning that society as a whole is beginning to break down when stuff like this happens?

Parents brawl for 20 minutes at baseball game for 7 year-olds

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The fabric of society has been unraveling for about forty years now. With each generation it accelerates.

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“Society” is never “civilized.”

When all boats are rising, everyone is happy and complacent.
Then they vote for bullshit policies.
Then things go to shit, and they get “uncivil.”

There are always those that want to rule others by force, they take advantage of the above.

Oh I’d say civilization definitely exists but you are right, that which is civilized depends on just how comfortable the members of a given society are.

In hard times people will kill to protect their children, in good times they want to kill them because they are inconvenient.

Which is more civilized and which denies the laws of nature?

This is kind of interesting in which sheds light on the situation.

Always easier for primitives to drag a country into a hole, than for them to work at climbing out.


People can be civilized, Society can’t.

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Don’t you get it? Socialism will fix this country and we will be the greatest country this world has ever seen and we will make Jefferson and Washington proud as hell and there’s nothing you can do to stop this. We’re going to have fully automated luxury gay space decentralized democratic socialism.


We are already on the path to collapse. I can’t wait!

Rome also collapsed when it could not afford the promised pensions for the army. This led to generals rebelling and the troops followed sacking Roman cities that opposed them because they were ENTITLED to their promised pension. The collapse in pensions led to so much rebellion and numerous generals plundering their own cities. We already have civil asset forfeiture and judges who allow police to literally get away with murder. The same trend is unfolding and linking police pensions to money confiscated are the very same patterns that took down Rome.

I have the answer: MORE REGULATIONS. Many years ago, I worked at ALCOA. In comes OSHA. There were emergency exit doors about every 30 feet; and it was an enormous building. The new regulations were ( more or less ), emergency exit doors, every 28 feet. Like that. They paid little attention to the staggering amount of asbestos dust that covered everything. We all enter the realm of stupidity every so often, but there are those who actually work at it.

If I were to make a correlation between the fall of Ancient Rome and the state of collapse of the current year United States it would be based on immigration and citizenship. It was Caracalla’s edict of AD212 that granted Roman citizenship to all free men in the Empire that started their collapse. Things went downhill quickly from there.

The flooding of the country by third world subhumans, coupled with the demands made by the left to give them citizenship (or all the benefits of it without legally conferring it), will trigger the collapse. We are getting close on the timeline, but we aren’t there yet.


Then you are a socialist leftist pretending to be something else. Only the socialists will benefit if that happens.

I would really like to say that your post is interesting but you provided absolutely no substance.

I also don’t see how you have drawn this conclusion (probably because you provided no substance). In a post-collapse environment scarcity will rule the day. Socialists need the government to provide them with everything at scale. That just won’t happen post-collapse.

I’ve been stacking silver for years. Maybe you should too.

History is doomed to repeat itself! America is a democratic Republic in which much of its government structure is modelled after Rome. So the irony of it’s present discourse is not dismissed outright, it’s just measured in time in how much we have of it we have left.

I thought it’s was Visagoths that sacked the shit of Rome! Of course everything else included as was articulated in your link was a culmination of eroding civility with a myriad of growing grievances that led to its weakening when the Huns and the Visagoths invaded!


Thank you for providing an intelligent and coherent response. While my username is designed to trigger, I do enjoy a good substantive discussion.

I am actually going down the rabbit hole now on what @boobs posted because I find the immigration point interesting.

The parallels are also startling.

Depends on what you call “civilized” society,

was American society “civilized”?

If you said yes , you believed in the patriarch , perhaps judeo christian values .

But before you can break out the old “leave it beaver” DVD or streaming it, society was messed up back then too, when the suburbia became the thing and white flight happened, look at what happened when Teenagers got their first car?

go back and read the stats on Teen pregnancies, many shotgun weddings ,many homes for unmarried women to have the child and then given up via adoption.

Is that the civilized society we are craving ??

Truth be told we always think 4 or more generations ago was civilized, and then we go back and talk to them and they will tell you 4 generations or more was more civilized and so on and on.

It has nothing to do with breaking down, its just every generation produces a “new normal” and how we adapt to it shapes our future.


Parasites have no substance.
They may not kill you overnight, but they will

I guess we best be prepared for a possible invasion; but that can’t happen in America.

Is our society in decline, why? how?
From the macrocosm of our society, to the microcosm of the individual, the western model of social progress is failing by accident more than by intent, yet ironically, by design. The only way to actually slow the decline is to look, without flinching, or defensiveness, at the core causes of problems that bring dysfunction, then address each without virtue signaling, race baiting or class hatred.

Race and Poverty

The difficulty in doing this is that social policy makers see the current state of poverty, and reach for the explanation that brings the most positive social reactions and the fewest negative, the most funding, and the least rebuke. Actual effectiveness of any ‘solution’ is at most an afterthought.
The enlightenment of late twentieth century educational thought encompassed the recognition that there were great disparities in achievement and opportunities by race and class. In the mid 1960’s the Great Society Act promised to lift the poor out of poverty’s grip and into the sunshine of equality, yet it had within it the seeds of its own failure – the incentivization of unwed motherhood. Generations of Black boys and girls came of age without father figures. Male role models were too few, and too rarely positive. Bereft of storied war heroes, brilliant professionals (which there were, but the media ignored them), there was little left but idolizing athletes, and singers (later rappers). Idolizing the famous is as old as recorded history; it allows a momentary diversion from life’s dissatisfaction. In communities of color, there was a focus of that dissatisfaction with mainstream, or ‘White’ culture. The perverse irony is that while for the first time in our history, people of color were no longer being denied education, many were rejecting education as ‘acting White’. One can justify anger at historical oppression, but not using it as a gun to shoot yourself in the foot Fifty years later, social scientists finally allowed each other to admit this failure, and change a rule in the welfare system. Why did this take fifty years? How could our society do such monstrous harm to so many while pretending such altruism?
The answers to these questions are in the last sentences of paragraph one. To explain away the worsening of poverty with phrases like ‘institutionalized racism’, and the more recent ‘White privilege’ was to invite accolades, funding for your research, and tenure in the Sociology Dept. To point out the problem of fatherlessness was to be labeled ‘racist,’ and be cast post haste, into the outer darkness. It was simply easier, better for one’s career, and expedient to go with the flow. As Joni Mitchell sang “Who needs the static; it hurts the head”.

Solutions and their enmemy Politics

Today politicians are joined at the hip with media, opinions become ‘facts’ when wedded to a clever slogan. Serious problems like global warming, are not debated, nor are solutions. One solution is declared ‘right’ and all questions, especially those regarding efficacy or cost, bring a hatred usually reserved for a child killer.


There needs to be a dramatic change in society’s locus of responsibility. Behaviors that are damaging to the many, cannot be excused through the legerdemain of ‘disenfranchisement,’ or institutionalized racism/oppression/sexism… etc. Consider mass shootings – in the mid 60’s an ex-marine who on autopsy was discovered to be suffering from a brain tumor, used a deer rifle to murder 22 people from a clock tower in Texas. The nation was shocked, both at the horror, and at the idea that such depravity existed in the populace. Today mass shootings occur with a stomach turning regularity, always by some loner/loser who no doubt felt he was ‘evening the score’ with society. How could a person feel that they can kill others for any reason, let alone those who they don’t even know. How could the Germanwings co-pilot -because he was depressed- purposely, and with forethought, fly a plane full of innocent people into a mountain, rather than going home and killing himself? The answer is even uglier than mere cowardice.
It is because he, and every school shooter has been told that he is the most special, most important person in the whole wide world. Not just because mommy said so, but because his teachers said so, his social media said so, he said so on Instagram, or some other twaddle. Self importance is encouraged at every step, false esteem is showered on us from birth, criticism, or discipline rarely, if ever.
The focus on the individual over the greater good began in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The focus was initially about self - examination, and life purpose. The elevation of the self was a byproduct of authors capitalizing on introspection to sell self- help, and then self - empowerment books.
By the seventies identity politics joined the nascent solipsism movement.
Some time ago, I wrote about the problems (as I saw them) with the educational system. Lowered standards of both behavior and curriculum, practicing ‘defensive teaching’ and the forced embrace of ideas wherein 90% of the development went into rehashing previous research, and PR campaigns to justify the new program. Ten percent of the effort and money went into the creation of materials, mostly by ‘education officials’ who were neither passionate nor effective enough to stay in the classroom. The result has been self - justifying arcana, the ‘textbook example’ being common core. The dumbing down marches on.
Most recently universities have proudly hoisted the white flag.
Colleges everywhere have “contoured” their curricula to the ‘evolving needs’ of students with ‘diverse approaches to learning’. They have, at UCLA for example, eliminated (but recently reinstated) the requirement for English Literature majors to take a course in Shakespeare (they must also take several courses devoted to queer/LGBT/minority/gender focused literature) ; at CSUSB an English professor glibly noted that “we no longer grade for grammar and usage”.
For a nation that needs more, rather than less able leaders, they may as well have hoisted the Jolly Roger.
We cannot navigate the perils of the twenty first century – global warming, population explosion, demographic shifts of mass migration, resource wars – to name a few, with the cowardice of groupthink. Uncritical thinking, and reflexive agreement, much less virtue signaling, and chocolate fountains of pseudo self - esteem are luxuries we can no longer afford. We cannot simply admire the person who actually owns his/her own life, we have to make that a baseline requirement again.
Yep, we are in decline, and we have to pull the nose up before we auger in.

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It is worth noting that the states run by Democrats for the last 20-50 years all have giant unfunded Pension liabilities, promised by Dems. during the dotcom boom as a way to buy the votes of pub emp unions. CA alon has such debt at between 1.6 and 6 TRILLION dollars. The Dem. candidates are already talking about ‘fixing’ (making the whole nation liable) the ‘pension mess’.

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