Iran Conflict in Full Swing; Gen. Soleimani, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Delegation, and Iraqi Relations Director Killed by Precision US Airstrike

Making the world safe for freedom and democracy again. We have a new Middle East war to kick off 2020 :confetti_ball:

Jfc look at the Twitter comments and these boomers cheering this shit on from the comfort of their million dollar homes.

@HawkEye the correct term to use in the title is “Democracy rockets”…

And “democracy rockets” (or you can use “human rights rockets” too; probably flows better imo) obviously steer up the proper positive emotive response in boomer-cons…

This response was engineered so well by the MSM immediately after 9-11 that it will literally take everyone who was above the age of, say, 30 years old at the time of 9-11 to finally die off before we rid America and its public opinion of this sort of boomer cheer leading for Middle East Forever Wars…

The Boomers think we did this, but the reports are a rocket that Hezbollah uses. Some are reporting that there was also a drone strike.

Iranian Major General possibly killed in air strike. The ball’s rolling.

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Yep, you’re right. And to think Trump promised to get us out of the ME.

Trump is sending another 5,000 troops to the ME next week.

At Least 3 Soviet-Era Rockets Strike Military Base Near Baghdad Airport: Iraqi Police

I suggest updating the title to remove US until we are sure who fired the rockets.

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Well this went from saber rattling to lights out with the quickness.

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WEW - things are about to get nuts. Iran’s top military guy got taken out quick.

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I think that “Anal Freedom Rockets” has quite the ring to it.

Because what we are bringing to these people is the greatest freedom of all, anal freedom: the right to use one’s own anus as a sex organ. Because goddammit, if the American Constitution teaches us anything, it’s the right to pursue happiness, and the Anal Freedom Rockets are going to teach those stupid brown people just what freedom and democracy really feel like. If that’s not worth killing a few hundred thousand children for, I don’t know what is.

Tucker calls out Trump and neocons

“Iran is not our enemy. We’re being invaded from the south”

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Trump has basically become the Israel’s best friend. MAGA is no longer his goal.

Here we go again. 3rd times a charm. Well there goes the only saving grace Trump had left, “at least we aren’t in anymore middle east wars”

This will lead to all out war with Iran.

Iran and Hezbollah, I doubt Hamas will show there faces or contribute much.

Holy shit this is ramping up fucking FAST!

“Today, the era of American free action in the region is over,” naval commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi. “They must leave the region gradually,” he added.

God Bless Tucker Carlson. He seems to be the only one making any sense in that entire town.

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Never was, being president was his goal.

Has Iran confirmed the death of Soleimani?

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