In Retaliation to Canada's arrest of Huawei's CFO, China Plans to execute a Canadian Citizen

Watch the video for the back story and find out why this is very suspicious as to what China, the communist party is trying to do!

China has painted itself in a corner, and a very dangerous one based on the Communist party wanting to play a gambit to pressure Canada to release Huawei’s CFO. If China follows through and executes Schellinberg then relations with China will sour pretty rapidly and backlash from the world community will be interesting to watch. What do you think about this issue?

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he did get caught smuggling drugs so they are just exercising their options, if you can do the time dont do the crime, he gambled and lost, it sucks that he is a pawn because of the arrest of one of their citizens on behest of the Americans of course.

I want to see what that pussy Trudeau will do about it, I wonder if China will arrest and execute an american who gets caught smuggling.

The question is, did he smuggle drugs or not? If he did, he should be fully aware that he would get death penalty for smuggling drugs in many countries - not just China.

Also - if you look into his Canadian crime history you will find he’s been sentenced for drug trafficking several times in Canada.

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Not disagreeing about the part of committing the crime doing the time! What you missed here is that he was sentenced to15 years and coincidentally when the Huawei CFO was arrested in December at the same time this person was appealing his judgement his sentence was arbitrarily changed to getting the death sentence. This is more to do with Politics than mere Chinese justice, who BTW don’t observe other countries laws so why should Canada Oblige? Also if this man is executed what will that mean in the bigger picture for the human rights activists? These are the questions that I am looking to having a conversation about, as Schellenberg is a pawn in all of this!

No the question is not about him smuggling drugs, that has already been established! Please see my above response!

The Canadian guy Schellenberg appealed his 15 year sentence and the judge decided ( with no doubt help from the Chinese politburo) that he should overturn the lower court original decision and there was a enough evidence to sentence him to death.

The Canadian guy picked the wrong time to appeal, chances are if he didn’t appeal he would have done hard time, I do agree its politics .

I don’t have a problem with the punishment , I have a problem that politics played a role in this.

So if you were Canada would you be more inclined to set an example by holding Huawei’s CFO to account by extraditing her to the US to face her charges?

Also never mind the rest of his story only that the optics will play a larger role if China decides to execute him, which at this point have no choice, although they could delay that in order to use him as leverage or a bargaining chip in order to pressure Canada in releasing the Huawei CFO! In reality this guy may be deemed not worth the capital and Canada puts on a good face in the name of Human rights! I don’t agree with how his ruling went down! China has a 99.3 conviction rate which seems rather arbitrary!

Dr, I think that is the likely outcome, I bet the moment Canada turns over Huawei CFO to America they execute the guy.

And now Canada is a in a tough situation, if they don’t turn her over to the Americans , America will be pissed , and we know Trump isn’t a fan of Trudeau, so if Trudeau renages to save a Drug pusher locked up in China and this guy gets miraculously released.

No amount of Charity will make up for the Ass phucking Trump will give Trudeau, and if they turn over the CFO to america , China will retaliate and you know they have no problems carrying out punishment

Personally I was in that situation and they got a career drug dealer I would say sorry bud, you chose that life best of luck in the next life, but the first Chinese criminal violating state security for Canada gets caught, I would make sure he is phucked and spending his time in the worst prison .

I completely agree with your perspective. I think the more important aspect in all of this is we should not give a shit about a loser drug dealer who decided after multiple chances to risk his life for a chance to score, and that all of a sudden a country should forego its national security interests so they can offer a platitude on human rights. In the bigger picture Huawei CFO had blatantly broke US law and should get her just deserts! Who cares about the fucking Chinese cock sucking communists? The other point is I don’t want Huawei anywhere near American soil with their 5G plan bullshit, as that is just inviting them to steal even more of our secrets that they have already stolen. China needs to pay and pay they will, otherwise we will be big time losers in the future!

This needs to happen like yesterday!

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