Arrest of Huawei financial officer demonstrates U.S. willingness to impose its laws abroad

She didn’t make a transfer to a company in a prohibited country. She made a transfer to a company where that other company was conducting business with a prohibited country.

Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to say a foreign citizen can not use a US bank to make a transaction to a (second) company if that (second) company is conducting business with another (third) company in a prohibited country?

I just think that’s a pretty tenuous and indirect connection.

Actually this OP is gas lighting in order to establish a perceived criticism that the US is imposing their laws abroad. The OP is leaving out important details such as money laundering and sanctions violations to which a US company was used! Therefore the Poster is either severely misinformed of the details of this case or is purposely omitting them, nevertheless the OP is misleading and not accurately telling the whole story!

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Where you from kaz???

I understand that legal argument, but still, it’s a pretty routine automatic bank transaction, done from a laptop by a foreign citizen in another country.
Yet you want to extradite them over that.

All sorts of corporate executives could make an online transaction with a couple clicks of the mouse.
How do we even know this wasn’t an honest mistake and she was just being careless, forgetting she should have used one of her accounts from another bank?

Regardless if it is routine or not is irrelevant , the simple fact you are leaving out details of the case suggests to me you are misinformed about the particulars of it and don’t know how international commerce trade laws work especially where sanctions are in place to which they were in violation of.

It wouldn’t necessarily have been obvious to her (as a Chinese citizen in Canada) that she was in violation of US sanction laws.

The US bank transfer did not go to a company in Iran, it was more indirect than that.

How do you know? Did you read the actual filings of the case? Can you prove that as being factual or are you just stating an opinion?

BTW, there is already a thread topic that explored this particular issue, maybe you should read or search for it to be better informed about its subject matter.

It seems, in a way, that she is being prosecuted based on a technicality, for mistakenly using a US bank instead of a bank not based in the US, even though it would end up having the exact same outcome, aside from the legal implications.

No! You are incorrect and badly uninformed!

Could you quickly explain what part I am wrong about, in just a couple of sentences?

I will be Glad to, but one thing I will tell you about me is that I have a very Low tolerance engaging with people who choose to be obtuse, my first rule is I am willing to converse on any topic, but if you ignore questions I pose to you then I will suspect it is being done on purpose therefore I will not respond further! Just for FYI, I simply can’t be bothered with people who choose to be intellectually dishonest!

So first answer my question, how do you know that she is innocent to what you claim? What proof do you have?

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For the purpose of committing fraud. Simple answer for a simple mind.

Yeah - my Chinese shill detector is pinging hard on this on. Notice that the account created 3 threads all based on news stories from a year ago. Narrative shift detected.

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It’s either that or this poster is severely lacking in knowing the facts of all subject matter they were posting about. Kind of weird and didn’t know what to make of it!

The evidence I have read about does not seem to appropriately justify the charges she is facing, or the arrest and extradition request. It seems apparent that the charges seem to be relying on a twisted and somewhat obtuse legal rationale. It’s not clear the US sanctions law was intended to be used this way.

Do you have any additional information about what she did (besides that which I have already presented) that might better justify the charges against her?

Yes, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to turn the tables back around at you. Do you have any (additional) evidence she is guilty?
Aside from that, we have only logic and rationale to discuss here.

You using the word “fraud” disingenuously implies she did something much worse than she actually did.

Your simple minded semantic arguments won’t stand.

That’s not the way it works. You are proclaiming her innocence. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary that has been posted in the media countless times. At the end of the day, it is up for the court system to decide.

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For what charge was she arrested? Fraud?

You did not answer my question and I think you are being intellectually dishonest! And others here also have adequately answered your questions as well so I am not going to be bothered going down this rabbit hole with you! She is guilty as fuck and hope she gets what she deserves!