Impeachment Vote Completed - Trump Impeached

That is the whole point. He didn’t.

If used correctly. In this case it is about CYA for the very tangled web of those involved in the money laundering of US tax dollars through Burisma.

Impeachment is nothing but a political statement. Has nothing to do with anything but your and the left 's hatred of the right and Trump.

Impeachment is nothing but soothing your butt hurt.


(asterisk indicates lies.)


Can you sound that out phonetically by syllable with the emphasis on the first syllable? :rofl:

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Do you recall the 1994 Star chamber witch hunt that spanned both of Clinton’s terms, beginning with an investigation into a real estate deal that lead NOWHERE, but kept looking, for over four years. Fuck the hypocrisy on the right. Trump and Clinton have something else in common now.

Cause, ya know. Getting a blow job from an intern in the Oval office is right up there on the honor and integrity of the office. :smirk:

Well, at least on your scale of what honor and integrity means. :grin:

You probably never thought about it, but what Clinton was impeached for, hadn’t even happened when the Star chamber witch hunt began. And it began before Clinton had completed his first year in office. What hypocrites.

Clinton Presidency:

Presidency (1993–2001)

January 1994
Attorney General Janet Reno appoints Robert Fiske Jr. as the independent counsel in charge of investigating financial irregularities in the dealings of the Whitewater property company. The Clintons, and their business partners, James and Susan McDougal, are implicated.

August 1994
Fiske is replaced by the more conservative Kenneth Starr as the independent counsel investigating the Whitewater scandal.


A proven liar yet again.

Just look at the timeline of the Clinton impeachment witch hunt. It began BEFORE Monica Lewenski even went to work for the White House. Talk about republican hypocrisy…:roll_eyes:

And of course the lies continues.

One investigation instigated by the DOJ.
President Bill Clinton nominated Reno on February 11, 1993, and the Senate confirmed her the following month.

The other instigated by the democrat party.

Similarities between Clinton and Trump:
The Clintons like Trump was cleared of any wrongdoing, but several of their associates faced felony convictions.

Do you remember the days when conservatives cared about national debt and balanced budgets…

Please accept my humble apology.
The interview with Emily has no content on Uighurs
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Sorry for being off-topic.

We actually still do. Do you?

It seems scant all around these days…

He cares all about itself.

No one else matters to the progressive leftists.

Just Mc Connell and White House council…

The leftist idiots in the house jumped in before completing their required testimony and now they have a very weak case.

Why would the Senate or the WH help them in any way?

They wouldn’t.

But being butt hurt like you are you want real testimony instead of hearsay. So you will have to live with the butt hurt and hearsay.

Contrived anecdotes by so-called ‘escapees’ don’t cut it for me?

Muslims are victims of their own religion. Islam has declared war on us, and seeing as there’s no way of distinguishing Muslims from Jihadists, we are forced to stay on our guard against all of them unless or until they prove themselves to be one or the other. It’s a perfectly natural reaction that humans are suspicious of their sworn enemies, but if there’s no way of knowing who their enemies are - no uniforms?? - we have to be wary of all Muslims, QED. China (and Russia, actually) is smart enough to read the writing on the wall - it’s a pity we’re not.

(who’s Emily?)

You know what they say about keeping your enemies closer than your friends?

It is hard to reconcile the Muslim faith when their liturgy hasn’t changed since before medieval times, which to say there has never been a reformation.

I’d proscribe all fucking religions if I had my way.

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How so Stalinesque of you! :rofl: