Impeachment Inquiry Upheld

Looks like the committee is going to get Mueller’s grand jury testimony too.

Hurray! An Obama appointed judge rules to nullify grand jury secrecy. In the grand jury only the prosecutor has a voice. That’s a one sided arrangement impeachment obsessed Democrats love as long as Trump is the target. Mueller’s team of Trump hating zealots couldn’t convince the grand jury to indict any American for conspiring or cooperating with Russians but Resistance Democrats don’t have any standard but Orange man bad.

Add the destruction of grand jury secrecy to lawyer client confidentiality and mix in conspiracy with state prosecutors undermining the rule of law in service to the glorious Resistance.

Yeah! Add in Andrew Weissman who should be disbarred and thrown into jail and you have a real shit show!

Roger Stone interview was interesting. He was warning Trump to take this seriously and go after Republicans in states he carried! I would! If Democrats want to burn the house down then Trump should take a few of them with him! Perfect timing right when indictments of Obozo’s people are announced!

This is all a smokescreen to conceal the Horowitz and Dunham criminal investigations into these crooked Democrats/Deep Staters.

So now, Trump’s claim of a bogus impeachment inquiry has been put away by the court.

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This article is nothing more than Liberal propaganda against Trump looking for the most minuscule ways to RAILROAD Trump. Whst does one expect from an SCHMOBAMA appointee.
There’s as much evidence to impeach Trump as there was the investigation into collusion and obstruction

Yep, ten examples thereof…

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By one judges with a bias like everyone has. This will go to SCOTUS to be decided.

Regardless of whether you are delighted or outraged by this judge’s overreach, it is nonetheless overreach with dire implications for future grand juries and the secrecy essential to the innocent.

This judge made a partisan move, and if upheld on appeal, this is a very dark day for American jurisprudence.

The grand jury evaluated one sided evidence, and rendered decisions based on the assumption that the accused would receive a fair trial, and that the evidence would not be used merely to ruin the person’s life and reputation for the political ambitions of others. As cherry picked details ‘leak’ to the NYT, etc. anyone with common sense should be reminded of Lindsay Graham’s comments at the Kavanaugh hearing - they ring true.


Lol, oh right, and there’s no bias there…

You know what the motives are! Odd timing don’t you think especially considering James Baker just flipped and the Michael Flynn case is about to be dismissed?

Wrong. There is plenty of precedent for this in the past.

When was the Federal Grand Jury seated? Can one member of Congress empanel a Grand Jury?

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Posted on a different, older topic.

Probably best to have it here.

You’re funny. But my mom taught me to not make fun of unfortunates.

No one is actually panicking about impeachment because everyone knows it isn’t going to happen. I’m not even a huge fan of Trump. He’s not as far right as I would like him to be…but make no mistake…if he is removed from office based on fabrications and lies there will be hell to pay - and the side that is limp-wristed and anti-gun would be wise to back down before shit gets hot.

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I regularly go to our FBI range and shoot my .308 and .270 out to 1000 yards with a bit more than eighty percent accuracy.

The best kept secret is that progressives also own guns, hunt or practice at a range. In our area there is even a gun club that is closed to right wingers.

But please, do hold on to your AmmoSexual fantasies. If you need to be a scary monkey you’ve a lot of work ahead of you sweetie pie.

The impeachment inquiry is being conducted behind closed doors in a secure facility so how does a NYT columnist know Taylor’s testimony? Oh wait, the Democrat lynch mob published his opening statement. So much for the secrecy the Democrats claim is a necessary part of the investigation. Liars.

When Nancy Pelosi decreed an impeachment inquiry with neither a floor vote or rules Republicans rightfully objected to the perversion of the impeachment process into an authoritarian exercise in partisan politics. Republicans had to wait for Trump hating Democrats to cobble together “rules” for the inquiry but now when they object to specific practices they are said to be panicking. Another bit of brain dead Resistance propaganda.

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Yep, yep, yep. State media official talking points almost verbatim.

Here’s something to blow your wee pee sized brain.

Amazing. You lose an argument so you post something completely unrelated and think this somehow helps your position or makes you something other than a low-information DNC shill.