🔴 Impeachment Hearing 1 - Judiciary Committee

The four “witnesses” today are not witnesses at all. They are law professors…supposed experts on impeachment law.

Their opening statements are nothing more that op eds aimed and convincing the viewers that impeachment is applicable to what Trump has done.

Nadler has not called any fact witnesses to testify to their own knowledge of what Trump actually did.

Another circus has begun.


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Noted that every time a Republican makes a motion, a Democrat makes a motion to “table” the Republican’s motion (essentially to ignore it).

  • A voice vote is taken (and naturally the majority is claimed to have prevailed)

  • A Republican calls for a recorded vote

  • A voice vote is taken (and naturally the majority prevails)

The Ringmaster prevails! No Neck Nadler campaigned for the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee touting his ability to bring about impeachment of the President.

Nadler is also yielding his questioning time to a staff lawyer who is not a committee member. I expect other Democrats to do the same.

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Are you really surprised at the partisan nonsense after the Shifty show?

For those who harbor even an inkling that ■■■■■■ professors are a leftist cabal out to ruin the country, this mornings parade confirmed even their darkest fears. The female shriller was downright typecast as the perpetually enraged leftist ■■■■■■ feminist.

The Trump campaign could create commercials with just her ranting and improve Trump’s approval rating.

Not at all…just pointing it out. I expect partisan nonsense to manifest itself in all ways possible from now until the end of the impeachment parade.

I won’t be surprised if George Soros offers Republican senators $10 million each for votes in the Senate to convict Trump.

I won’t be surprised if a few of them took it…though we’d never know it happened that way.

Noah Feldman is a goddamned idiot. Refusing to cooperate with a sham investigation that employs biased, unethical rules and procedures is not obstruction of justice or obstruction of Congress.

It is simply pushing back on a corrupt process.

Trump has already said he will allow his witnesses to testify when the issue gets to the Senate. To put them in front of the kangaroo courts of Schiff and Nadler would do little more than expose them to perjury traps.


No, he’s quite intelligent; he’s just consumed with TDS, and so is hyperpartisan.

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I agree that basically he is intelligent. My critique was addressing the point I mentioned. I suppose I should have said he made an idiotic statement. Many intelligent people do so.

I think Jonathan Turley is far more intelligent than Feldman.


“The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress, and he became the judge and jury,” Graham said two decades ago.

This was during the Clinton impeachment. Something that Trump is doing that neither Clinton nor Nixon did is defying all subpoenas and refusing to give the committees anything they’ve requested.

Trump has defied MULTIPLE subpoenas Mr Graham…

Correct, particularly in his area of expertise that he’s testifying about.

Right on cue, the red hatters are demonizing the professionals just as they demonized those who testified during the IC hearings. Many of whom are Trumps own chosen staffers.

Neither Clinton nor Nixon were being demanded to present anything to a biased, unethical committee whose chairman refused to let them call witnesses, refused to allow his party to ask certain questions, held closed door hearings in the basement of the Capital building, instructed their own witnesses regarding how to answer questions…

The whole charade has been biased political bullshit from day one…DAY ONE being the day after Trump beat Bitchillary in the Presidential election.

I would NOT cooperate with their underhanded proceedings either.


Ranting? How about taking apart what she actually said. Which part was wrong?

Also, the Trump administration has blocked most actual witnesses from testifying while complaining that there’s too much hearsay.

Did I miss anything good? Work frowns upon any kind of political stuff in the office.

Nadler has cut Jonathan Turley off it the middle of his answer at least twice now.

Tell me this is not a biased chairman.

It’s so obvious it has ceased to be funny.

I hope and pray this gets to the Senate. It will be a bloodbath.

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It wouldn’t do for me to be on Nadler’s Circus Committee. I’d have already called him a worhtless, disingenuous son of a bitch.

The impunity to spew BS under the protection of being a member of the House needs to stop.

Assumptions of high crimes does not make them high crimes.
Her demeanor was shrill and quite obviously one sided; she betrayed a deep loathing for Trump and Republicans in general. She also spent several minutes railing about her pet project -making sure people don’t have to have an ID to vote, er, ‘voting rights’.

She was Melissa Click with better credentials…

Turley nails it!

Is this the same professor who assaulted a student for filming a protest and was put admin leave a few years back? God! What hideous looking women!