Impeachment: fight's on!

Trump is a malevolent liar who stole the Presidency, since which time he has tarnished the office, encouraged hatred, corrupted the justice system and trashed America’s global standing. He should be resisted at every turn.


There is no audio recording of the call. Such calls are not normally recorded. That would put all foreign leaders on edge when talking by phone to the President.

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Trump wants this. Trump remembers the aftermath of the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. He knows that the Impeachment efforts by the Dems will backfire on them like it did the Republicans in the 90s, and the Reps actually managed to Impeach Clinton but failed to remove him from Office thanks to the Senate. So by all means, Dems, attempt to Impeach but you’re not allowed to be surprised when the electorate retaliates and rallies around the President, voting guaranteeing a second term in 2020.

Such decisions to call for impeachment are usually made by a vote on the House floor. Nancy wanted to save here minions from the political ramifications of having a recorded vote for impeachment on their record. This would hurt their chances of winning re-election in 2020.

She pulled the trigger about a week early. Tomorrow the unredacted transcript of the phone call is to be made public. Next week the initial IG report on the whistleblower is top be released. Both of these are likely to show little if any evidence that supports impeachment.

The liberals are digging their own grave.

You’re exactly what Hillary Clinton described as one who undermines our democracy by refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Guess what! Donald Trump is our President. Hillary is not. She hasn’t accepted either the results of the election or the blame for losing it.

You’re just a good little liberal sheep.

here2bqueer ,are you naturally this DELUSIONAL??? Trump has improved our standing by calling out countries to pay their share to NATO, taking on Communist China on trade and tariffs and opposing the TOWELHEADS in Iran. How is that wrong???
How did he steal the election??? You completely IGNORE what the DOJ and FBI did in the election under SCHMOBAMA!!! The wicked Witch of the West was complicit in the Steele Dossier . Benghazi would never happen with President Trump.
If anyone corrupted the justice system, it was Schmobama and HRC. President Trump hasn’t used the IRS to investigate the tax exempt status of Liberal organizations. No one more than the Clinton Mafia has done more to corrupt our justice system than they have.
Get head out of your GFs vagina,get some air and stop being this DELUSIONAL.

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The answer is a RESOUNDING YES!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Relief at last.

A whole new topic to start impeachment.

Doesn’t need to be true just keep the media focused and the hate flowing should do the trick.

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I have to agree with everything you laid out! Pelosi just fked the Democrats.

Here is good summation similar to what you are seeing!

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Too bad the U.S constitution doesnt agree with you huh?

how so? He shouldnt tweet as much I agree

hatred of whom? your left wing Antifa buddies have that mastered along with the Alt right nutjobs

Trashed America’s global standing? LMFAO
Obama did a good job at that, the German’s werent fond of Obama, China disrespected Obama (see Obama’s last visit) and China occupying the South China Seas

Russia thinks Obama is inept and a monkey, hence why they annexed Crimea and Ukraine without incident , oh Obama ordered some sanctions

Islamic Terrorism flourished under Obama

Yet Trump is the joke?



And he has made clear that he wants to.

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Obama and Bush both called on the same, they just did so in the professional manner that presidents are expected to. For their part, in 2014 NATO members pledged to do so by 2024, so what’s the big deal? US standing with other countries is at historic lows due to that braggadocious blowhard.

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The US has been taken for a ride by other countries for too long. Especially after Obama went on his global apology tour. No one respected that week little piece of shit on the world stage. On his last visit to China, they wouldn’t even roll out the stairs to his airplane. The dude was a joke and everybody knew it except cucked leftists. Trump slammed China to their faces just yesterday. He said they shouldn’t be taking advantage of developing nation status when they are the world’s second largest economy. Fact is you don’t know shit about politics. All you know about is emotion and feeling. It’s sad bruh.

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Perhaps without the personal insults, you can explain what your rambling has to do with my statement, hmmm?

Btw, the military typically flies their own stairs around for air force one use.

While you’re mocking American presidents, don’t leave this one out…

Good LORD! That just isn’t a normal place for your eyebrows to be. :laughing:

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He doesn’t eat that well, his diet is McDonald’s and KFC…:rofl:


You may not like what he eats, and I don’t agree with everything Trump does (he should go more hardcore), but just because you don’t like his eating habits doesn’t mean it’s an impeachable offense. Democrats have nothing and instead of doing what they’re supposed to do and focus on policy making they want to create yet another side show that goes nowhere.

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Horse shit! Trump got it done. Bush and Obama acted like sniveling children. What’s the value of a promise to start paying their fair share IN TEN YEARS?

Bush and Obubba promised to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. They didn’t. Trump got it done.

Your boy Obama was a shameful apologist and the laughing stock of world leaders. He was THE worst President since James Buchanan, the Do-Nothing President! Obama’s accomplishments were a net negative. We still haven’t straightened out all that he fucked up.


No, his poor eating habits are not an impeachable offense…did somebody say that? :man_shrugging: