IMPEACH THIS! Festive crowds in line before Friday night Tupelo rally


Here’s the live stream


What a time to be alive! Every single person here should thank their lucky stars and say a prayer to Jesus Christ for having the chance to be here at the same time Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America!


The live stream link is available in the OP link. Perhaps you should have opened it and read the short article.

Where do you think I got the link to the stream from? OP should’ve posted it instead of furnishing clickbait.

Anyway, don’t worry about what I’m doing. Just worry about what you’re doing.

It is great to be a part of trying to turn America back around and rid ourselves of the politicians who get fat on power and wealth on our dime.

I’m grateful for Trump for putting America and Americans first. Our economy shows it in spite of the sour grapes and antics of the leftist lunatics in our government.

He will have my vote in 2020.

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Love the positivity @MargieLovesUSA and @DMK we need to stop letting the Dems ruin our good time! They got crushed today when that whistleblower refused to testify and I hope Trump let’s them have it tonight!


Just wait until Trump wins reelection. 80% of the entire DNC will retire or resign in months. The only ones stupid enough to stick around will be AOC and her JV Squad - we need something to laugh at.

Worrying and wondering are two different things. I worry about almost nothing. I certainly don’t worry about what I do. It’s all legal.

Here’s another link to coverage of the event itself.

Trump’s rally coverage is scheduled for 8:00 PM EST on C-SPAN2

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Your fucking kidding right. Invoking Jesus Christ and Trump in the same breathe. That’s the epitome of religious cult right there.

Thank you @Jeff :+1:

We can thank the dems for our good times :rofl:

Trump will be on fire tonight and the folks will be watching and loving it.

I have a mental image of Pelosi, Schumer, Pencil Neck and Skin Flap Nadler looking like they just swallowed concentrated lemon juice after today. :laughing:


Whatever. His testimony isn’t even needed.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the DNC in the coming years. They can run, but they cannot hide. :wink:

What do you care? Aren’t you some kind of atheist?

Stay mad…


Of course it isn’t. It never was because it is all bullshit hearsay from a partisan hack.


Oh my goodness! Who is she flipping off here?



The guy with the red hair and the guy and girl on either side of him are leftist plants and they are going to make a scene. Screencap this.

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Very soft and weak features from the three of them. Confirmed leftists. Let’s hope the crowd pummels them when they start screeching like retards.

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