IMPEACH THIS! Festive crowds in line before Friday night Tupelo rally

The only things I want to hear from the pseudo-whistleblower are

  • the names of the people he got his information from.
  • why the 18 day delay?
  • when did talk with Adam Schiff’s staff?

Good luck with that. The dems got their news headlines and don’t care if he testifies or not.

Wait until it gets to the Senate. All hell is going to break lose.

:rofl: Leftists getting their hopes up just to be let down for the 985,736,927th time. We all knew it was a nothing burger but they just keep torturing themselves with false hope everyday. Hoping the media is finally gonna tell them the truth. It’s amazing how much they allow themselves to absolutely seethe everyday.

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I thought the twitter postings were cool… but thanks for the feedback.

He worships Satan and has aborted fetus’s on an alter in his parents basement!

A shout out to all you deplorables! The Democratic blood cult can’t and will not break us!