Immigration Reform That Will Never Happen

Democrats would have to agree with the American people that our border needs to be secure, and that we need some kind of physical barriers to secure it. It’s not complicated; it’s common sense.

Republicans would have to agree with the American people that “dreamers,” kids who grew up here after being brought to the United States by their parents, must be welcomed into our society. Again, it’s common sense.

It makes too much sense.

I’m fine with Amnesty so long as the “wall” gets built first.

Still in favor of deporting any who commit a crime, card or no card.

America is fked is they can’t reform their immigration policies! A nation can survive its fools but it can not survive treason from within, and not addressing the immigration issue is certainly on that level by both democrats and Republicans!

Of course we’re fooked.

10 people can’t stand in a room together and agree with each other for more than a few minutes, and we’re expecting 330 million people to figure this all out together? Not gonna happen. :wink:

The only hope is executive orders and the senate! Of course the next elections do matter both in 2020 and 2024. But we are facing a very dangerous time in our country, and conservative continue to sit on their asses. I have no use for conservatives now!

Me neither. I’ve fought political battles, court battles, and all-or-nothing combat. Too many favors for too many people when I have a whole house full of my own to care for.

Why? You are willing to give a free pass to those who broke our laws in exchange for having border security?

I’m good with the wall first, then full scale deportations, then the processing of immigration with those on line and following our laws.

Doesn’t matter “why,” it’s my thoughts on the matter and nothing more. However, this perfectly illustrates my previous point that not even 10 people can agree in a room together.

So you think amnesty is good - because reasons?

Make that 4 people in a room together. lol

Because nobody is going to deport them. NOBODY. Not Trump, not Congress, not you.

It’s not good. It’s necessary.

It isn’t necessary at all. What you are advocating for is giving away the most valuable thing our county has to offer to a bunch of criminals who have absolutely no right to be here. It’s disgusting.

Immigration reform will never happen because of ‘conservatives’ calling for amnesty in threads and discussions just like this one.

The only ‘reform’ we need is to follow the laws as written and enforce the law at our borders.

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Immigration reform has been a problem since the Eisenhower Administration, every political party platform discusses this and why they should fix it but for whatever reason when they get elected it always seems to be placed on the back burner.

The only amnesty I support is those that was to young and just followed their parents…providing they aren’t criminals.

And their parent cannot be rewarded for their illegal entry.

But first the wall/border security needs to be done before any real negotiations IMO.

The line should be…no wall/security not talks on amnesty for DACA.

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The best solution for these so-called “dreamers” (one of the stupidist terms ever) is a path to citizenship over a certain number of years and specified requirements.

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It is absolutely necessary and I’m not advocating anything. I’m simply recognizing the reality of the situation. NO ONE is going to deport those people. NO ONE. There’s no will to do what it would take.

Look how bad the image of separating the children was. And you think some politician is going to allow images of them being loaded onto trains? It’s suicide. Not to mention the logistics of it.

You want revenge. It comes with a price.

You ever try to follow those laws? You’re correct, but we didn’t for years. Because it benefitted us. It’s kind of hard to make it retroactive.

We’re talking about a lot of people.

Absolutely right. The flood has to be stopped before the mess can be cleaned up.