I'm fed up with the poor in America

For the last 10 years, I have volunteered time working at a soup kitchen. It’s located in a part of town that is mixed with poor white people, poor blacks and Latinos. This particular soup kitchen is located at Kroger’s first food manufacturing plant. Kroger has been running this soup kitchen for the past 30 years.

We do get a lot of very poor folks that look forward to the soup kitchen and you can tell that they have gone a while without eating anything of substance. However, this new generation that is coming is a pack of misfits. They show up outside drinking beer, smoking dope and every one of them is sporting a newer cell phone.

You can see 3 generations of families show up. The grandmother, daughter and her young child. All are way too young. These grandmothers are of the age that they should be the ones with the younger children.

They bitch and moan about the food. Can you even begin to image that? Bitching about free food… We have called Police countless of times for fights outside of the building.

It’s a shame that humans live like this. There is no call for this, none at all.

Welfare sees 4 generations !!! Dems have most of them thinking we owe them a living ! It has gotten to the point were they tell you they do NOT want to work , thank you liberals . :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m told that the cycle can’t be broken. It’s ingrained in them from birth. I say BS to that. Change the welfare system so that people are trained to hold down jobs. Cut them off if they won’t work. Provide care for one child and no more than one.

I used to volunteer and help with the poor in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS. The older folks were appreciative. Always. The younger generations were not. I stopped volunteering when a bunch of “youths” stole all the food from the Meals on Wheels van I was driving. Stupid me for leaving it unlocked when I went inside to deliver a meal.

Thank you for your service. Sincerely.

I don’t think the character defects are because they are poor. They clearly have values that are defended by libs.

In some places things will not get better until the locals have so terrorized the habitual criminals in their midst that those same habitual criminals finally live in fear of what will happen to them because their proverbial Grandmama just doesn’t give a crap anymore whose precious darling they once were now that they’ve become a stone cold killer who is poisoning some of her other grandbabies with their drugs and luring the rest into shorter lives or hyperviolent crime with them.

When black people that have been living in fear no longer live in fear of black criminals (or bother wasting their empathy on them) then black communities will be able to start recovering. The same principal applies with any community of any race that has endured the rise of the hyperviolent or criminal underclass.

The chain will be hard to break. These young girls are so desperate that they will sleep with just about any man that comes along to get pregnant. Somehow they think this will capture the guy and he will provide for them. It hardly ever works out that way. So they get stuck raising a kid that will grow up in the same environment not knowing anything different. So very few ever escape.

I have always tried to be a minimalist; keep my needs simple. A healthy relationship with my wife, roof don’t leak, warm in the Winter, no one hungry, have a vehicle that runs well, nice garden, enough money to live on; and above all & most importent, my grand kids are strong & healthy. I ask ya, what else is necessary? Am I poor?

There is NO incentive to break the cycle liberals love making people dependent on government .

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America is not poor. Those Americans, however, have rotten attitude, and they deserve to be “poor”.

Good luck. Welfare will always be stacked higher and higher in exchange for votes. You see that readily in the way most if not all candidates from the DNC running for 2020. Its always “free” something.

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A friend works at the Hamilton County Job & Family Services in downtown Cincinnati. She says she is busy working cases from the time she starts until it’s time to go home. Most of her job is securing aid for the clients. Her clients do have to look for work and keep a record of their activity. But she knows most of that is simple BS. She says most of the clients look for work above their means or apply at places that they know are not hiring.

A lot of her clients have the goal of collecting disability. For someone that has very few work credits can end up collecting $600 a month from SSI plus supplemental aid.

I’m fed up with Blacks and Hispanics in America in general. The entitlement culture is insane and the one who don’t like that need to shape their community or completely disassociate.


ha, as much as I agree with this, this will never happen as you cannot put people into temporary poverty as it might violate their rights.

The republicans back then ( the ones with balls ) suggested this, and they were shouted down by the Democrats as violating people of color rights and such.

I Thought Trump would have been the guy brave enough to tackle this issue, but sadly he isnt and is too focused on tweeting vs solving domestic issues

This got me thinking…whatever happened to those food boxes that Trump was going to send out instead of giving people welfare checks? I thought that was a really good idea. Instead of these morons fraudulently cashing out on their EBT or buying junk food with it…they would be forced to use the food sent to them or starve.

It gets the federal government into the grocery business. And then every moronic welfare queen would fake illness and claim Trump is trying to kill them.
But I get your point… stop the nonsense of using EBT for nice-to-have things. That’s not what it’s for.

Ah, good old Vicksburg! I used to visit there quite frequently! My best friend’s aunt had a large cattle and timber farm a few miles east of the city. We spent many weekends there and a whole month one summer.

I drove my '58 Volkswagen on the downtown sidewalks late one night.

My eighth history teacher, a dyed-in-the-wool Southern Rebel would take her entire class to the park at Vicksburg twice a year.

I made many a trip to Vicksburg in the '50s and early '60s to watch our Hornets beat Vicksburg on the gridiron. Vicksburg and Greenwood were our arch rivals.

Vicksburg has some of the most beautiful old homes in the nation…almost as many as Natchez and Savannah, Georgia.

I used to hand out boiled eggs wrapped in tin foil to the panhandlers…along with a card directing them to the nearby homeless soup kitchen.

Now liberals want to give every black in America reparations and 99.9999 % don’t even know a person that was a slave . We have 20 year old blacks that skip the line in college and in hiring with Affirmative Action and minority quotas . And they say whites are “privileged” WTF !!!

Ya gotta find the article, “Mississippi Schools”, by Fred Reed. An Affirmative Action eye opener. It was always available in search; but now ( for some strange reason ??? ), it no longer comes up in search. If anyone locates it, please post.

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That’s a really sad story. By and large people in America are poor due to the decisions that they have made (much of that pertaining to drugs) or as a result of lousy parents. The real scary thing about this is the massive illegal immigration that we are seeing from these impoverished countries. Many of them that do stay here are going to end up like this as well. Even for the employers who are prone to hire illegal immigrants, which such massive numbers coming in that area or the underground economy will soon (if not already) be overly saturated. Few if any will be able to compete in our economy with their lack of education and skill sets, along with not being able to speak the language.

When I look at the future of our country I have become increasingly pessimistic. At some point if things don’t change the shit will hit the fan.