I'm Confused - Someone Please Clear This Up

President Obama did not require Congress’s approval to launch attacks in Libya, nor does he need congressional authorization to keep U.S. forces there, the top House Democrat said Thursday.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the White House violated neither the Constitution nor the War Powers Resolution when it launched military operations in the war-torn African nation in March without Congress’s endorsement.

“The limited nature of this engagement allows the president to go forward,” Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol. "I’m satisfied that the president has the authority he needs to go ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I guess it depends on who is president.


That’s your answer !!! Since when has dems made sense ? Treasonous hypocrites out to destroy our Country

Ha - everyone knows why there is a double standard. America’s becoming an absolute laughing stock because of these insane politicians and their crazy levels of bias.


That’s the impression of America.

That’s correct. Sadly.

Say what you will, sometimes we need a wild man in the White House. TR comes to mind. Why spoil it with legalities. Teddy Roosevelt.

My issue isn’t with Trump (although he’s not helping lately) it’s with the Congress and the media.

Trump has liberals strangling in their own juices. I think he’s OK; but he would have gotten my vote simply because he irritates people. I love a good chain jerker. Political Correctness; fuck it. If ya can’t toughen up, then go down in flames. We are a nation of warriors; but libs want to castrate. “THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE SHIT”.

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A once wholesome country; but now a lumbering ox, covered with parasites. My grandchildren will never get to see the America I grew up in.

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I agree. The Liberal Dems have become the poster children for the word hypocrite.

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The Lib Dems are like the lab rat Pinky.


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“Divided we fall, united we stand”.

AOC wants to make room in the Democrat party for progressives.

Perhaps “Progressives” should be a third party and the Democrats can steer themselves back towards sanity.

That’s obviously Different.

AOC and her hard left cronies would very much love to see the US meltdown completely.

Nothing get’s people to bend over and beg for complete gov’t control of everything like a serious national crisis.

Look how quickly the country bent over for FDR to save us in the 30’s.

It’s gotten continually worse since.

Quite so. They need to form their own party and call it what it is: the Socialist Party.

Good luck with that and the Constitution though.

I can say there is one thing in many we can be thankful for and that is the amount of judges Trump has appointed.

With another 4 years, we may see one or two SCOTUS appointments.

That will keep us shored up against the braindead mouth breathers for awhile.

Even more important than the SCOTUS appointments is his reshaping of the lower courts and circuit appeals courts.

He’s already appointed more federal judges than any president in history and Mitch said they plan to get another hundred approved before election day.

If he gets four more years, we’re looking at 100-150 at a minimum plus for sure one, maybe two or more SCOTUS appointments.

Most importantly I seriously believe that IF he wins reelection it’s going to be part of a huge push back and he’ll have huge coattails enabling hopefully retaking the house and expanding the lead in the senate.

After the 2022 mid terms we could conceivably have Trump, a strong majority in the house, maybe even a cloture proof senate.

If that happens, look out because his last two years will be one hell of a wild ride!

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You have to honestly look at what he is doing which tells (me) he is setting not just the now but the future up to not only pull us away from the left but to pull us back to the right.

This, while the Dem’s scurry about trying to impeach and obstruct everything he does while fully embarrassing themselves. Trump has successfully thrown their party into complete disarray.

I highly doubt Trump will EVER be a lame duck. It just isn’t in his nature. :wink:

They realize that by reshaping the judiciary filling it with originalists Trump is going to keep changing the country to the benefit of conservatives for the next four decades.

That is why they have been so desperate to keep the administration on their heels with investigations and impeachment since day one.

Most of what they have forced on US wasn’t done through legislation, it was incremental creeping socialism and an undoing of our basic cultural values and norms through the Judiciary over sixty or seventy years.

Trump’s judges will be able to undo most of it in a decade or so and then keep the pendulum swinging to the right for two or three more decades.

I believe it was Marx who said: “Keep the public focused on superficial matters”.

It will take dedication & focus; but it can be done. Slow & steady wins the race. Ya gotta remember, people who want to see our country shine again, will be fought tooth & nail by liberals.

Schmobama was one of them( Leftist Dems) Trump comes in and goes against the DC country club both Dems and Rinos and isn’t their puppet . His attempts to put America on a course where it won’t be pushed around by Iran and Communist China has met resistance by those with the most to gain.
The same with SCOTUS apppointments. No more Judicial Engineering only determining if laws meet Constitutional Requirements.