Illegal Immigration--It's About Power


Tucker did a pretty good bit there.

The migrant farmworker program was, in the beginning, a win/win. These workers provided a service to the Farmer’s that most Americans would not do. When the program expanded to the midwest and northern states it became uncontrollable. When the work was completed these migrant workers never returned back home.

Cesar Chavez, in my opinion, created problems. His push to raise wages forced Farmers to look for workers that would do the job for less money. Hense, illegal immigrants.

Well laid out and explained by Tucker:

  • The biggest landslide in American Presidential History was 17 million votes.
  • An estimated 22 million illegals in this country which have been shown as first time voters to vote Democrat.
  • The result being permanent electoral majority

Even thought illegals have been shown to suppress the wages of Americans, the Democrats no longer care about the American worker. They only care about power.

22 million illegals voting? See this is what I was talking about in Sneakys thread about Pundits. I don’t understand why cons deal in conspiracies.

Clearly you didn’t watch the video.

Illegals become legal. Once legal they have been shown as a first time voter to vote democrat.

Got it.

Isn’t the better question to ask, why aren’t they republicans?

Mexicans and Black people are very socially conservative in life. They are heavily faith driven. It seems that they should flock to republicans. But why not?

I don’t think I has anything with to do with supporting illegal immigration. Both parties have shown no real interest in changing that broken system. I think it has a lot to do with rhetoric and outreach. Republicans are unwilling to reach out to those communities and spread their message on the ground.

I suppose it depends on why they want to immigrate here.

While they are trying to get their feet on the ground financially, it makes sense that the democrat ideology fits their needs.

Once their feet are on the the ground, once they start to find financial security and stability, the republican ideology may be something they can more relate to and vote for.

Again, it was as a first time voter that they vote democrat.

Begging the question, how many first time voters do the democrats need to recruit to stay in perpetual power.

Ergo, the reluctance to properly fund border security.

I semi agree with you.

Yes some of the Democrats policies help lower income people get in their feet. But even as Mexicans get stable, they tend to remain democrats. That’s why I lean on rhetoric and outreach as the issues.

There is nothing preventing republicans from doing that… in theory. But they choose not to. They all know demographics are shifting.

That’s one hell of a generalization - which seems to intentionally gloss over how large percentage of Mexicans and Blacks behave in urban environments - where the gibs flow like water from Democrats.

Mexicans and Blacks who are in more rural settings behave differently.


Republicans more espouse a hand up not a hand out. Their message is clear.
“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Not everyone wants a hand up. They want a permanent hand out.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day”

Take the name of the politician away take the party affiliation away. Ask people, just based just on the platform what people most associate with. I’m sure it would be a real eye opener for those who vote party lines.

I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with democrats and their pet media shouting racist at any and every republican 24/7.


One also has to realize that most people are not as politically aware as say the kind of people on this board.

They hear a sound bite and jump on the bandwagon without having any idea of the actual issues.

“Little girl dies in custody of ICE”
“ICE is heartless”
“ICE must be abolished”

Republicans are miserable at getting sound bites out that people can relate to. We need a complete PR overhaul and marketing campaign.

It’s like having a wildly successful company but when you visit the website, it is the first version of Go Daddy that someone cobbled together together on a weekend.

No. 22 million illegals will be made legal. Then they will vote.

Interesting observation. Also explains a lot.

No they don’t nor is that the objective. The goal is dependence.

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If we want to win, what we need is, the same control over education and the media at large that liberals currently have, unless and until we do, we’ll lose.

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Here you go…

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Care to expand on this? Black people in general are socially conservative. It doesn’t matter where they grow up.

I see the differences but the messaging isnt very good. Even upper middle class black people vote Democrat. Are they looking for handouts too? The “handout” narrative is the problem as well. To assume that one would only vote Democrat to get handouts is about as dumb as saying people only vote republican if they are racist.

Neither is true.