Illegal Aliens Strangle Day Old Child to Death in Hospital

Diversity is our greatest strength. They’re just like us! They share our Christian values and will integrate seamlessly into American life. White privilege is the problem, racist!

A young mother has been accused of giving birth to a healthy baby boy in a California hospital and then strangling him a day later in the maternity ward with her boyfriend.

Doctors at St. John’s Medical Center in Oxnard made every effort to revive Baby Diego on Friday over a 10-hour period before declaring him dead, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Sgt. Brandon Ordelheide said the mother, Andrea Torralba, 20, and her boyfriend, David Villa, 21, told investigators Friday morning they had suffocated Baby Diego until he was unconscious, the paper reported.

Records showed both Torralba and Villa were born in Mexico; their citizenship status was unclear.


Natural conservatives…


It happened in California. Expect them to be released and to be issued an apology for any inconvenience the arrest and media attention may have caused them.


He was a sacrifice to the Corn God! Don’t judge Gringos!

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I feel so culturally enriched just reading that story. I need to learn that in a multicultural environment it’s totally ok to slaughter newborns for the hell of it. I need to check my privilege.


What does being an illegal alien have to do with being psychopath? I don’t get why her illegal status matters when she killed her own baby?

Well, for one she could have killed him in her own country and been THEIR problem to deal with.


Two illegal aliens just killed another American citizen, but that doesn’t matter to you. Americans are worthless and expendable. Only illegals matter.


Again, so what? The OP tried to attach their immigration status to them being a psychopath.

There is no correlation.

Don’t put words in my mouth. I asked specifically how them being a psychopath has any correlation with their immigration status?

Did you conduct a mental health evaluation? What evidence do you have to support your claim of them being diagnosed as psychopaths?

Two fine citizens of Mexico displaying their great family values.




Of course not. They defiantly aren’t normal humans. How many people do you know that are “normal” are also strangling their newborns?

Most normal people don’t illegally enter a country and demand that the citizens of that country make every possible accommodation for them.

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You asked why her legal status matters.

So, yeah, if she had been where she had a right to be rather than where she’s an interloper she probably would still be a psycho … but, and here’s where it matters … had she been a psycho there she would be those guys problem to deal with, both for any trial and possible incarceration.

It matters because we get to hold the bag for what should rightfully be someone else’s problem.

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We (society) call them normal if they had killed it two days before it was born.

Not sure if that’s a reflection on the mother or on society. :frowning:

A citizen?

I would argue this should NOT be the case.

The 14th Amendment was written to intentionally exclude a class of foreign nationals in the land who had not formally entered under US Jurisdiction who at least had a right to be in the land … Indians not brought onto reservations at any point.

If those with a right to be here but only formally under the sovereignty as citizens/subjects of a different alien nation in the land were excluded then why would we ever consider the children of those who do NOT have a right to be here as genuine aliens in the land but are illegal aliens under the sovereignty of only their own homelands (have not lawfully entered)?

No child of illegal aliens should ever be considered a citizen under the 14th Amendment.

It should NOT be the case, but current application of A14 say it is.

And you and I are racist for thinking so, dontchaknow…

Well there are those supposed “normal” humans in liberal Democrat States and cities celebrating their new laws of late term, up to the due date, and born alive legalization of abortions, aka killing babies, I don’t see much difference myself between what these two did and those that support unrestricted abortion.

This happened in California so I’m sure they can just claim the baby was intended to be aborted and they will get off scott free.

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Considering what the Left has become I’d much rather be hated by them than not.