Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme

Project Veritas exposes ballot harvesting orchestrated by the democrats. This election is going to be a complete fraud.

Project Veritas generally breaks some good and useful shit that goes nowhere. If nothing happens to Ilhan Omar we will have 100% proof that this system is entirely broken and will only get fixed by “direct action” as the leftists say.

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That’s not enough proof to link it to Omar. Nothing will be done.

They already know that she committed immigration fraud and did nothing about that.

Veritas has no credibility. They manipulate video footage and just outright lie. Notice this isn’t being covered anywhere with any legitimacy, thus it’s obviously a lie.

Yeah! A tea party of sorts is long over due. Asking politicians to hold themselves accountable is like asking a fox to guard the hen house, its simply folly to think otherwise. How does that work again?

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I am surprised at how many tweets Trump has about Omar, five in a row:

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This is a massive story and you can bet this is happening all over the country right now. The Democrats aren’t behaving as they normally would during an election cycle. They are acting like they already won… because they have been busy rigging the system. This is proof.


Project Veritas is the only real investigative reporting


Meanwhile, down in Texas . . .


Here’s the thing. This only proves that Project Veritas will go to elaborate lengths to fabricate a story as a way to distract from the criminal actions of this administration. It’s sad and disruptive to our democracy. James O’Keefe should face criminal charges…again.

The only thing fabricated is your dick. LOL :rofl:

You’re just about as senile as Joe, making up stupid shit.

This only proves that Project Veritas will fabricate just about anything to get a high level of disinformation out there.

Yeah because you were there yourself to verify it with you own eyes! Yeah right! (Sarcasm!)

Grow the fk up!

You weren’t there either.

Never said I was! Got anymore wittier partisan talking points?

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Then you can’t proclaim that these disinfo propaganda videos are real and legitimate…which they are not.

And you can’t claim that they aren’t!. Only your feelings is your only proof! Provide an actual counter argument substantiated with facts to back it up! Until then, it’s your moo feelings that is all you have to go on!

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You post proves that like all liberals, you hate Truth and wallow in hate & lies.

Your party is the party of infanticide, socialism, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of mobs in the streets burning and destroying cities. See the burning cities and torn down statues, and you see the democrat party world. Mobs.

People like you who murder babies, including full grown babies, people like you who are “fired up” to kill and slaughter innocent children . . . you are sub-human filth.

Sorry if the truth hurts you worthless sack of shit.