Ilhan Omar calls for advertiser boycott against Tucker Carlson

A perfect example of why the left hates to hear the truth and be held accountable and as a result want to silence free speech when it’s them that is being criticised! Tucker was correct on what he stated in his show about Omar! She is the one that is a racist ignorant dimwit and a result of a broken immigration system that should have done a better job of vetting her!

Excerpts from the article:

The host pointed to a Washington Post piecewhere Omar slammed America as a “country that had failed” to live up to its promise.

“In Omar’s version, America wasn’t the bighearted country that saved her from a brutal war and a bleak refugee camp. It wasn’t a meritocracy that helped her attend college or vaulted her into Congress. Instead, it was the country that had failed to live up to its founding ideals, a place that had disappointed her and so many immigrants, refugees and minorities like her,” the piece stated.

Omar said that she felt it was up to her to “speak” about the country not guaranteeing justice to all.

In 2017, Omar wrote a piece for Time in which she claimed America was " founded on genocide."

“Omar isn’t ‘disappointed’ in America. She’s enraged by it. Virtually every public statement she makes accuses America of bigotry and racism. This is an immoral country, she says. She has undisguised contempt for the United States and for its people. That should worry you, and not just because Omar is now a sitting member of Congress. Omar is living proof that that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country,” Carlson said.

Full article with the video

Trouble in paradise…
AOC using the race card on Pelosi. Omar likely will too if emboldened by AOC and some other leftist assholes.

Tucker has been calling out her blatant immigration fraud and demanding that something be done about it. That’s obviosuly making this knuckledragger uncomfortable. Thing is, no one but her district gives a shit about what she thinks. Maybe some supreme cucks on the left care, but that’s about it. Everyone can see her for the incompetent bulbhead criminal she is.

Omar should be convicted, stripped of her citizenship, serve a long sentence in prison and then be deported to her country of origin.

A. Either no one gives a crap what Omar calls for and ignores her or
B. Tucker gains advertisers as a boycott against Omar

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C. She causes enough of a shit storm that the INS starts seriously investigating her case and she ends up in jail and then deported.

This post is completely baseless. No facts at all. Learn to read.

Then by all means show it to be so if you can.

If that happens I will have 6 African Lobsters delivered to your door. :rofl:

Have you ever had South African arctic ocean lobster?

Bring a bucket of garlic butter and a big appetite.

One of my buddies there was a seafood broker for years and when he found out about my affinity for same he made sure that if we weren’t eating the very best game that can be killed in the RSA we were eating the best seafood that can be caught.

I averaged over 12 miles a day on my feet for 25 straight days while I was there and still gained weight!

Yes! We have a place here called Restaurant Depot and I bought a case of them.

OMG…They are AMAZING… Yes, butter, garlic and some parsley. :flushed: (where is the drooling emoji?)

I’ve been told and I tend to believe that the colder and cleaner the water the bigger and tastier the lobster, shrimp, etc.

Have you discovered the giant red Brazilian Shrimp yet?

The US Immigration and Naturalization Service doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t existed for some time. You didn’t post a fact.

You get on everybody else’s case for not posting “facts” or jumping up their ass on the slightest mistake.

So there is your mistake chump. Now post facts.

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INS is now part of the USCIS. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were split

As part of the Patriot Act reorganization they separated interior and border enforcement.

You referenced INS potentially conducing an investigation, which is not possible.

You should stick to posting facts and hold yourself to the same standard that you apparently hold everyone else to.

I also don’t need the history lesson on DHS, thanks though.

USCIS doesn’t conduct criminal investigations. Try again, and try sticking to facts.

Yeah - so what? You can report fraud. USCIS won’t go kicking doors and cutting warrants because they aren’t law enforcement. USCIS will make an evaluation then a referral for enforcement action.

Stick to facts.

Would you really like to keep making a fool of yourself?

Cissna is no longer the director and that never came to fruition. USCIS is not part of the law enforcement community within DHS. It is a benefit granting agency.