If Trump wins, we need to outlaw Marxism/Communism/Socialism, and a hundred other bad things

There are concepts that stand in contravention of the Constitution/Declaration of Independence/Bill of Rights. We know many of them exist as part & parcel of govts that would like to wipe out the USA. Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and there are others. They do what they can to cause problems for us, much of which is well known to the whole world. They finance under the table, evil groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, various and sundry communist and anti-America activities and organizations whose specific goal is disrupting American society, especially by stoking any fire between the races. They make trouble, we can see it, and we do nothing about it in the name of freedom for the trouble makers. The LGBTQetc crowd does everything possible to ruin society as envisioned by the founders. This is the direct stepchild of us tolerating Queers out of generosity of spirit. We told ourselves that if they did their thing behind closed doors, we would ignore their deviations; they could go about their own lives in private and we could go about ours. That tolerance slowly evolved into using the euphemism Gay in polite society, thence Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; followed by no more closets and official unions called marriage; In Your Face parades down Mainstreets of their choice, Drag Queens in your face, the invention of the new form of humans: Trans officially recognized as a disorder that can be ~treated~ at the expense of Your Govt Dollars, for the rest of this new creature’s lifetime. Queers are in the process of destroying our school systems by teaching children still in innocent years about their deviations as though that is acceptable and desirable in society. It is not. Add in CRT, DEI, etc. to the school curriculum and that completes the system that will create the generation of destruction; a group of America-haters, poorly educated in the 3 R’s with no understanding of our history, the reasons we exist, how our govt is supposed to be functioning, and why we need to stand guard against those evil groups that would see us destroyed by any means, inside or from outside.

It’s been said before: The Constitution is not a suicide pact. We need to call a spade a spade, write specific laws that prohibit specific behavior that is counter to our American existence and treat all of those who would introduce the rot of racial dissonance and distrust like the interlopers they are. We need to abandon the public school system and allow it to be replaced with school-choice and have tax dollars follow the child to the choice of institution that the parents choose. All those parts of the school system that don’t work need to dry up and blow away. That especially includes the federal Dept of Education and all of its so-called standards which have brought us from what the school system was long ago, before the progressives seized control in the early part of the last century and evolved it into the evil creature teaching everything except what we want good citizens to know at age 18. Schools should be the tools that do that. They do not. Unions don’t help, but if the money follows the kid, poor schools will fail financially, quickly, and be replaced by schools with acceptable standards of learning and behavior TO THE CUSTOMER PAYING THE FREIGHT. It doesn’t happen in the public system because they get money and the public gets take it or leave it. They are uncontrollable by outsiders, like parents who can be arrested for complaining about wrong and bad policies. Car companies can’t operate like that. Why do we allow ourselves to be manhandled by people who don’t deliver, but take out money anyway? Our Legislatures have created monster agencies
that govern themselves, make their own rules, change their priorities, have deep pockets to tie up in court anyone who argues against their overstepping the laws that enabled them to operate originally and otherwise become unanswerable to anyone other than Congress, whose record of doing their job is left wanting.

There are too many examples for one discussion, so I’ll sign off and ask the rest of you this: If we don’t greatly alter the laws via throwing out the Dems and enacting air-tight, sunset limited agencies to replace ALL of those now in operation, how long do you think the USA will last? Not many republic govts last 250 years, we’re getting close to that and close to crumbling because of the bad management that comes with poor supervision. Poor supervision is a function of too many divergent paths that agencies take the liberties of creating for themselves ostensibly pursuing the goals of the agency. The sky is the limit! Who would have voted for a Dept of Ed that intended to teach CRT, or queer sex practices to school children ? They would have been hung from light-posts around the Capitol Bldg. All of our govt agencies go off the rails, sooner or later. We need to preclude that with sunset provisions and term limits since Congress doesn’t understand either self restraint OR the concept of citizens serving for a small portion of their lives and earning a living outside the govt. ZERO RETIREMENT benefits for elected officials would go a long way to accomplishing the intent of the founders.

So, what say you? Got the name of an agency that needs to reckoned with? Can we steer this ship of state back on course in time, or are we doomed?

Certainly not Russia and China. Russia helped the US gain independence and is not interested in the current conflict in “advancing” beyond Ukraine, which is and has always been part Russia (“Russky mir” or “Russian world”).

China wants to make money by trading with the US, no more no less.

I don’t know much about Venezuela and Cuba, but North Korea is not interested in the affairs beyond the Korean Peninsula: It wants to unify with South Korea which may happen soon.

Who started causing problems? North Koreans have not forgotten the massacres during the Korean war in which the US carpet bombed Pyongyang and killed millions.

Who is financing these sick movements?

Go for it. It never says “democracy” or “equal rights.”

Ezra Pound said, among other things: Keep Joos from education so that they will not poison the minds of the children.

Ezra Pound was not aware of the role the mainstream media and its influece on the public, (children and paretns alike). If he did, he would have prescribed the same medicine.

Dreamers and their bar tabs, their running dry! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You mean, :“Dreamers and their bar tabs, they’re running dry!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Somebody told me I need to watch your English.

Mr perfect English Nazi who has made their own grammar mistakes before is calling the kettle black ah? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey buddy! If I were you, I’d proof read your own work before trying to call out others here for simple grammar mistakes! You are certainly not a model wordsmith here!

On another note: Whose a$$ are you trying to blow smoke up in? You are living in the past old man! Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve are basically what people like you are pining for; the glory days of yesterday to be restored when its already sailed away! Get real!


“Dreamers and their bar tabs, they’re running dry!” (That is you!)

Go back to your rocking chair and spare the rest of us of this verbose nonsense! America ain’t coming back no matter how much you want to wish for it to or Trump worshiping vote that he is the answer or is going to be the savior of America!

Your life is almost over so you won’t have to endure what others may have to in the future, because they know its fucked!


Surely you know that it isn’t just J ews that are poisoning the minds of our children these days.

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I’m probably in that category myself, although, I don’t think I’m as old as him. I know it isn’t going to happen, but I pray that we can at least return to a more respectful, civil America, with some modicum of common sense. I know… keep dreaming. :woozy_face:


Ezra Pound obviously had the uncanny ability to see through the “noise” of the day and could recognize the core problem.

I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that he was one of the greatest poets; several of his students/pupils received the Nobel Prize, but they never gave it to him because he was a seer and thus a trouble maker.

It was Ezra Pound who smelled a rat in the Fed system and asked Eustace Mullins to do research on the Fed. Mullins published the result of his research and exposed that the Fed is a private bank, which many sleepers still don’t understand.

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You are a grammar Nazi! Congratulations! Got any more brilliant lame comebacks?

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How about the biological weapons experiments that the US conducted on North Korean civilians? It seems that one issue is a festering wound to North Koreans more than anything else.

Well, Kiddies! Looks like we’ve stirred up what’s been at the bottom of barrel, festering for a long time. It’s hard for me to know where to start, but as they say, "Been there, done that…

I failed second grade because I couldn’t read right, so to my superiors who find it necessary to catch my typos, I’ve been at the bottom of the English class, so nothing the likes of you can say about my prose can fall to the levels I’ve been down to and rose up from, so stuff it. If you want to waste your time, enjoy. I’ll just ignore such posts. My correction of you, spookie, was to call your attention to the fact I’m not going to allow your two-faced, cheap-shot criticisms to slip by un-responded to. I eventually conquered 2nd grade, and spookie, you’re just another. Another 2nd grade.

Ezra Pound. I thought he had been sufficiently hidden under the rocks of disgust, but alas, google knows no bounds, or depths from which it can dredge another shady pseudo intellectual. There exists a vast chasm between having the ability or capacity to think, and actually using that ability to draw conclusions that are credible. If one wants to spend their life attributing all bad things in life to Jews and all good things in life to the absence of sugar, a sane person would be able to safely say that person is too focused on minutia to make realistic decisions about everyday things. Everything would be twisted one way or the other and not be judged on its own merits. True intellectuals can peer deeply into a single matter and see all the components; important and no so important, and focus on the key, pivotal issues. Ezra, and his followers, are twisted.

As to the formerly worthy Nobel Prize, the committee exhausted their bootlicking with Obama. He got the prize only because he was black. His accomplishments were minimal, at best, being a black Senator from the Chicago fix machine being the whole enchilada. And a protégé of evil saul alinsky. The CRT/DEI/Trans university system of the west and institutions like Nobel are evidence of rot to the core that makes Rome at its worst look pristine. The simple fact that five women university presidents were unable to differentiate bad and good behavior and conflate “free speech” with violence and assault proves that universities choose central figures; -I won’t call them leaders, for positions of authority in spite of the fact that they universally lack ordinary management skills. The primary reason to have ONE person at the top in-charge of any size organization is to have that one person guide the rest along a given path to some desired destination. The destination for universities is raising more money. We peasants thought otherwise.

And, we peasants are coming for our culture and our institutions, and I for one, hope you stand in the way.

I am not familiar with this info. Thanks.
North Korea has done nasty things outside its borders, and I do not deny it.

North Korea kidnapped a few dozen Japanese citizens in the 1980s, the reason for which is not clear. Most of them were returned, but a few are unaccounted for and the Japanese government is making a big stink (which they should have in the 1980s).

Israel did 911 and still gets away with it.
(There is/was a video of Trump saying right after the event that there were no planes involved or something like that. His biggest problem is that he is too close to Joos)

Maybe you should try to keep things a bit shorter. I don’t disagree with you on much, but you do get hard to follow given that you tend to write books as responses.


Bad things did happen in the world before there were Joos. Wars for example.

So-called total wars, namely WWI and WWII, became a reality after the Rothschilds took over the wealth of England and the US. WWI broke out one year after the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Coincidence?

Among hunting/gathersing tribes, a war was usually settled by a riutalized battle by two warriors from the warring tribes while everyone watched and determined who won. It may have involved death, but it prevented the deaths of many.

Not any longer. Dresden, which had no military significance, was bombed and 100,000 civilians were burned to death in Feburary 1945, followed shortly afterwards by the fire-bombing of Tokyo in March.
(American B-29 started carpet bombing with napalm in the up-wind area of Tokyo, whereupon residents were forced to flee but more napalm bombs fell on three sides. Many jumped into a river and smaller canals where they were boiled to death. Death toll? About 100,000 in one night. Both dates, for Dresden and Tokyo, were close the Jooish festival of Purim, where Joos rejoice at the massacre of goyim. Coincidence?)

Pax Americana is a joke. It really is Pax Judaica where American boys, usually from the south, die “to defend the greatest country” while Joos laugh all the way to the bank.

You do seem to know quite a bit about the J ews. Are you obsessed with them? Do you live your life to berate them… find any and all blame for everything wrong in the world on them? I just can’t understand the infatuation with one race of people.

Please… enlighten us on your expertise on the subject of J ews… and how you came to be so knowledgeable about them???

When I say Joos, these people are NOT really Joos.
They are fake Joos (Gog and Magog) who are referred to as Ashkenazi or European Joos, descended from the Khazarian Empire.

Khazaria was founded in what is today Ukraine by the ruling clan of Gok-Turk Empire as its extention in the 6th century.

Who are the Gok-Turks? They were the Turks from eastern Siberia who fought over hegemony in Northern China for 1,000 (!) years with the ethnic Han Chinese and eventually lost.

After their repeated defeats by the Chinese in the 7th and 8th centuries, the bulk of the Turks moved west to Central Asia, branching into various Turkic peoples like the Kazakhs, Uighurs, Turkmen, Uzbeks, etc.

Tatars in eastern Russia and many tribes in Afghanistan and Iran are also Turkic.

The language of Azerbaijan is Turkic, but the Azerbaijanis are ethnically Iranian. One example of ethnicity and language not matching.

After the Gok-Turk Empires in Central Asia went under, the Khazars in Ukraine figured that they had been abandoned by their ancestral spirits and decided to convert in the 9th century. Not to Islam or Christianity, but to Judaism. Why?

Turks had always aspired to conquer the entire world, and for this purpose the Khazars needed a dark religion which will permit them BY HOOK OR CROOK and the Judaism was it, with its dark entities in the Talmud.

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I compose complete thoughts. Ignore whatever.

Probably infatuation is not the right word.
Fascination, maybe.

I lived in Israel for 3 years. A learning experinence, maybe.

While living in Israel, young Palestinians told me (I was young too) that they are descended from ancient Israel and Judea. I didn’t make much of it then, but years later I did some research and concluded that they were right.

Israelis, Zionists, Khazarian Joos… all fake Joos.
Palestinians are true Joos, despite the fact that they have been forced to convert to Islam.

In Ezekiel 38 and 39, God is talking about Zionists, who are thieves and murderers from the north.


Sure we like it to happen but its not realistic unless we start contemplating welcoming in a new brand of fascism that aims to exterminate the degeneracy that has plagued our country! The problem with the west and America is that it was a great idea for awhile as it lasted but our forefathers were not perfect either and failed to see the evolutionary side of things to which brought about our current demise. Too many factions want to usher in collectivism and get rid of individualism altogether and once you do that, you all but destroyed a nation for good. We are close to that point now.