How we are different


Great. I’m proud of you.

Would you like to visit Trenton, NJ with me and tell the kids in Trenton High that the only thing between them and success is their personal choices and sacrifice and hard work? Spoiler alert: it’s just not true.


Hmm, maybe that will be the next book I read for Federal Government class. :smile:

So very entertaining to go get a degree at almost 50. It’s like a professional football player going back to high school ball.


There are no federal numbers on where employed SNAP participants work.

Prove your assertion that Walmart employees collect 6 billion a year.


Lol, liberal rag source, of course they’ll agree with you.


Nonsense. I served in the Army with plenty of people from the inner city. They worked hard, made good choices and did well in their lives. There are options out there, far more than in nearly any other nation in the world. It’s all a state of mind. I grew up with nothing and I’m still paying my parents living expenses because the most my father ever made was $16 an hour. He made some really bad choices in his career but he always felt like he was doing the right thing for his family. Bad choices and hard work = kids paying your bills when you get old in his case. There is no substitute for good choices though. That’s why we should all dedicate time to helping kids from less successful households to mentor them and help break the chain. Our church does that and I love being a part of it. I helped one kid join the Army and leave a live of poverty. He just made E5 and he’s doing really well. When he gets out, he will succeed because he has the right attitude.


Sorry you don’t understand science.

At least I hope that’s the reason you cling to your belief. The other is, you are a racist.

Which, given the crowd at this forum, is probably the more likely.


The Guardian and Good in the same sentence? That’s funny.


How can I be a racist, the article you posted claims there really isn’t any such thing as a race. Oh and your article was devoid of any science that I could see. Beyond pointing to some outraged liberal scientists as proof.


There ya go. Zero proof and accuse him of being a racist because he disagrees with you. I like Ben Shapiro’s response to that. You’re an asshole. It’s a dick move to call someone a racist without a shred of proof or backup.


What a crock of shit.

There are scores of recent examples of rightwingers banging the drum for race science. In July 2016, for example, Steve Bannon, who was then Breitbart boss and would go on to be Donald Trump’s chief strategist, wrote an article in which he suggested that some black people who had been shot by the police might have deserved it. “There are, after all, in this world, some people who are naturally aggressive and violent,” Bannon wrote, evoking one of scientific racism’s ugliest contentions: that black people are more genetically predisposed to violence than others.

They make one hell of a leap in one sentence. There are, after all, in this world, some people who are naturally aggressive and violent… So a few things to unpack there. #1. THEY assign race into that statement. #2. It’s TRUE. #3. Some of the black people shot by police DID deserve it, not exactly a controversial statement.

Like I said, The Guardian as a source is laughable.


That’s awesome, and thank you for helping make that kid’s life better.

But the fact remains, the obstacles that poor americans face are staggering.

Of course there are success stories - and god bless them that can beat the odds and raise themselves out of severe poverty - but the overwhelming majority of people born into that - whether it be in an inner city or a rural destitute area - don’t.

And it’s not because they are lazy. It’s because:

  • Their family doesn’t have internet to research jobs.
  • No car to get to an interview.
  • No appropriate clothes to wear.
  • no idea what a job interview is…

And I’m jumping ahead…

  • No text books in the school to learn basic things from
  • Unsafe learning conditions.
  • Unsafe home conditions
  • No nutrition in home, or at school

It’s simply silly to say everyone born in america has the same chance to avoid a life working at walmart for 11 dollars an hour.


I don’t think that’s true at all, BUT, let’s pretend it IS true.

Let me get this straight. Liberals pass programs to fund social programs and they mandate them… then Conservatives get the blame for Walmart employees taking those programs? Seems to me you structured them wrong if that wasn’t your intent. I’ll tell you what. Let’s END those payments 100% and let corporations have to compete with each other for the employees services at a wage they’ll accept. Let’s end those payments and stop trying to force what politicians see as the correct wage.

For example. If you come tax my rental properties to punish me for making a profit, I’ll increase the rent and the renter pays the tab. Then you pretend to be the good guy because you give that renters kid free school lunch, yet the renter is still paying the tab. You all can shuffle crap around all you want but it doesn’t change supply and demand, it just changes the costs in dollars.


I thin we would have to read the entire bannon quote before reaching that conclusion.

Here it is:

“[H]ere’s a thought: What if the people getting shot by the cops did things to deserve it? There are, after all, in this world, some people who are naturally aggressive and violent.”

Spoken during the rise of Black Lives Matter.


What school has no text books? And spare me the nonsense, me and my four siblings grew up dirt poor, three out of four of us are now in the top 5% of income earners in this country. I went to shitty primary schools. But I had a desire to learn and knew what and where a public library was. And in it I found all the books anyone could ask for detailing exactly what to do to escape poverty. It’s not rocket science or very hard to do, even less so now that anyone can get a guaranteed federal student loan.


Disappointed that you would label people you don’t know as racist. Given the crown at this forum? IS that because they disagree with you?

Don’t understand science? A broad statement with zero facts to back it up.

You’re better than both statements.


Odd, I don’t see anything in that statement that limits that remark to only black people.


It is as true and as effective as anything libs have come up with.


You don’t think it’s true that children born into extreme poverty have more challenges between them and a financially stable life?

I find that hard to accept. You mention your excellent work with one such child - someone who needed your help to get into teh armed services. Please, I can’t stress enough how thankful I am that you would give of your time and energy, and I would imagine, money, to make this happen. but this deed proves the point - this kid - hard working, motivated, born of poverty, needed help to advance himself. That’s my point.

Re: your post - please, I’m not blaming anyone. It’s such a complicated mess…you can’t possibly blame one person or group for the fact that Walmart workers use $6.2 Billion a year in assistance despite having a job…heck, there’s trump’s wall right there!

And I agree - social programs always have unindented consequences.

I also agree with your notion that we should end social programs. But I suggest we do so in a different manner - first, we insist corps pay a living wage, based on region. Then, as people rise above teh poverty lives and eligibility lines of our social safety nets, they will be removed from the roles, and those programs will shrink. Probably not out of existence, but the burden on the tax payer will go way down.

And anticipating the next objection…yes, that means goods and services will go up in price - but only for the people using those products. I don’t shop at Walmart. Why should I as a tax payer be forced to subsidize their work force? Should the true cost of production - the living wages of their employees - be baked into the price of their goods and therefore paid by those who choose to shop with them?


Well, if they would stop voting for Democrats, we might be able to address those things.

For instance:
What about school vouchers so kids in southeast Houston can go to schools of their choice and force schools to compete for their business? Attach the money to the kid and all of the sudden the conversation changes from forcing kids to show up to get funding to ASKING parents to trust your school to educate their child.

I guess I’m just sick and damn tired of Liberals ruining huge portions of this school and blaming the free market that lifts most Americans beyond poverty.

So, yes, it’s not just because people are lazy. It’s because they make bad choices. No father in the house is the BIGGEST SINGLE REASON for poverty in this country and some have made a career out of celebrating single mothers. Single mothers that are doing their job are still part of the issue. Stop giving the time of day to dead beat dads. A guy like my step son with two kids, two moms and taking care of NEITHER should NEVER get a girlfriend again. Women need to stop talking to these punks and responsibility needs to return. Before we do that, no government program will ever fix it.

Just one more point… “No nutrition in home or at school”… I’m SICK of that bullshit. We give EBT cards to more than 50,000,000 people now. We have free school lunches for more than 30 million kids now, out of 56 million students. That’s 1 in 6 people that can’t feed themselves? 1 in TWO kids that the parents can’t feed? Bullshit. We need to change to passing out FOOD again because it’s become a great way for people to fund drug habits.

At the end of the day, this is about personal responsibility and until we start getting back to teaching that, we’re doomed to the conditions some have to suffer from. It always amazes me to see the places you refer to that have all of those conditions, yet continue to vote in the same party decade after decade. If the schools suck, elect someone that will help FIX them, not the idiot that’s been promising it for 30 years and has done squat.