How we are different


What is extreme poverty?

Few of the 46.2 million people identified by the Census Bureau as being “in poverty” are what most Americans would consider poor—lacking nutritious food, adequate warm housing, or clothing. The typical “poor” American lives in an air-conditioned house or apartment and has cable TV, a car, multiple color TVs, a DVD player, and a VCR among other conveniences.

80 percent of poor households have air conditioning. In 1970, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.
92 percent of poor households have a microwave.
Nearly three-fourths have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more cars or trucks.
Nearly two-thirds have cable or satellite TV.
Two-thirds have at least one DVD player, and 70 percent have a VCR.
Half have a personal computer, and one in seven have two or more computers.
More than half of poor families with children have a video game system, such as an Xbox or PlayStation.
43 percent have Internet access.
One-third have a wide-screen plasma or LCD TV.
One-fourth have a digital video recorder system, such as a TiVo.


Not a SINGLE thing in there that shows racism unless you’re making a bunch of assumptions. Not one thing he said is inaccurate. You’re making a giant assumption in his motive just because “it was during the rise of BLM”… and let me clarify my thoughts about BLM. They’re a bunch of racist pricks and I can back that up with video after video.


Pardon my broad brush. Have you visited the 'What Really Happened" thread? Or read the posts of the guy with the screen name ‘nukeafrica’ or of about 12 other posters who daily post overtly racist things?

And really, I’m sorry but believing intelligence is linked to race proves an ignorance of science.


I was just pointing out that it is clear that Bannon was speaking about black people. Your earlier post suggested perhaps he was not?

Honestly, it’s not really worth going down an internet worm hole over it.


And yet you are also on the same board they are just like I am, does that mean you are a racist?


No, at most he was talking about black people shot by cops, the overwhelming majority of which do in fact, deserve it.

  1. School vouchers is a complicated subject - I think it warrants consideration, but I’m afraid I don’t have time to discuss it further with you - though I would enjoy the conversation. If someone started a thread, I would gladly join in.

  2. Poor choices - yes. The father makes a poor choice to leave the household…did the child make that choice? Who suffers? The father, or the child. The child didn’t make the poor choice.

  3. Yes…because we spend money the nutritional needs of children are being met. You are kind of proving my point - we need to be giving these families the help that we are.

Why? Why should I pay for the breakfast of a kid who has a mom who works at walamrt? Shouldn’t walmart be paying them a wage that would allow them to do that?

Off to work - thanks for the conversation. Will check in later in the day.


If you can’t feed your kids, they should be taken from you because you are an unfit parent. You aren’t doing the kids of parents who are that dysfunctional any favors by feeding them and leaving them in the care of such a person.

  1. Of COURSE there are challenges. Never said that. I’m just sick of the defeatist attitude and some of the kids we counsel turn things around pretty quickly when they have someone teach them self confidence and drive.
  2. ALL kids need help bud. Not just ones in poverty. The reason we go to help out is their parents aren’t able to provide that help. I never once said the kids don’t need assistance, they need to be taught, mentored, guided, etc. That’s where parents come in. When the parents fail and society doesn’t step in to assist, the kids repeat the same mistakes of their parents and continue with another generation of poverty.
  3. I’m blaming crony capitalism for the situation IF Walmart workers are being forced into taking handouts from the government. So there are two potential issues here: #1. Walmart fights to get government to give their employees handouts so they can pay less. I haven’t seen one shred of evidence to back up that claim. #2. DC has set the “poverty rate” purposefully at the point that it is, enabling even working people to get benefits, effectively buying the votes of those people. That’s the more likely scenario in my opinion. That said, if we would STOP taxing the hell out of the top 20% to fund those programs, maybe they would be forced into paying more. Even further, the young lady that moved in with us for the short term (my daughters best friend) is working at Hobby Lobby and she’s moving out soon. She is making enough to afford her own apartment and pay her insurance, etc. She’s also going to school and having to pay some of those costs. She had an epiphany a few nights ago and she and another girl are sharing an apartment to make it easier. Again, her parents are separated, she was kicked out of the house because her mother is bat shit crazy and on drugs (this is a good kid) and yet, she’s got nursing in her future and she’ll be successful because her head is in the right place. A lot of that is due to my wife because over the past 10 years, she’s given a lot of time to her.
  4. It’s not up to you to determine what a corporation must pay. That’s just as bad for society as government handouts, if not worse. The MARKET decides what a “living wage” needs to be. If you offer too little, you won’t have workers. Let the free market work, it’s what built this nation. Might help to kick illegals out too. You cannot force companies to take a loss, it just doesn’t work that way.
  5. I don’t shop at Walmart either and I would recommend an education campaign if they are indeed purposefully paying their employees less to take advantage of tax payer generosity. Again, the reason we are where we are isn’t due to Walmart, it’s due to liberal policies that are well meaning but destructive.


I don’t disagree with that, except for the obvious problem of the fact that the government will probably do more damage than good. :wink:


Even if he was, was it inaccurate? I can provide statistics all day long to back up the claim that black people are indeed more violent than whites or Asians. . . and it transcends national boundaries. The only group that even comes close to them in violent crime are the Mestizos.


There are a few people that have certain biases.

What really happened post exposes an antisemitic person who will never change as he has an ingrained hatred for some people.

Base intelligence is a factor of genetics as well as environmental conditions.
Other factors that can affect intelligence:
Prenatal Environment
Postnatal Environment
Home environment
Parent-Child interaction
Social and environmental deprivation
Socioeconomic status
All really fit nicely under environmental conditions.

As to race:

Race and culture
Many studies have noted racial and cultural differences in performance on lard intelligence tests (Jensen, 1969; Kennedy, 1966). Jensen (1969) observed clear differences in the cognitive competence of whites and blacks,studies conducted by Lesser, Fifer, and Clark (1965) investigated the verbal reasoning, number facility, and space conceptualization of children from : groups: Jewish, Chinese, Puerto Rican and black.

They found that racial membership significantly influenced both the pattern and level of intellectual sentence. In fact, racial differences were more prominent than the SES differences. Culture refers to a system of beliefs, attitudes, and values that assed from one generation to the next. In Indian context, there are prominent subcultures defined by caste groups, and traditional parental occupations.

The socialization practices in these subcultures are different. Studies have been conducted in rural Orissa comparing children of different groups.

The Harijan children scored west among the three groups and the Brahmins scored the highest. The Brahmins have a highly verbal articulate culture compared to the other groups; studies conducted in this region (Das and Singha, 1974; Jachuck and Mohanty, 1974) have reported significant differences in the cognitive level of children differing by caste, culture, and SES.

It may be unfair to compare the performance level of children from different cultures, as the skills required for successful adaptation in different cultures great deal The skills tapped by the standard cognitive tests are those that are demanded in more technologically advanced cultures and higher SES groups.

As a result the tests are biased in favor of their competence, and it is no wonder that we find inferior performance of lower caste children on these. The appropriateness of the test items has to be considered in any investigation comparing the performance of children from various cultural and groups.
Could the studies be included under environmental conditions?

  1. I’ll work on that in the next few days. I have to head out as well.
  2. Never said you aren’t impacted by poor choices of your parents. It’s extremely important to fix that but think of the poor choices. My step son has two kids with two women, neither of which he pays for. He chooses alcohol over and over and chooses to go to jail. Because of his choices, he’s having a very tough life so far. How about the two kids I adopted from my wife? Well, one joined the Army and the other is in college currently. They’ve both made reasonable choices so far and neither is living a life of poverty. How much of that is due to me? I’d like to think a lot but at the end of the day, it’s their choice that will allow them success or not. My step son, I’ve got a long history with members on Hannity, I’m sure a lot remember the stories… but I started a business for him at one point and because he wanted to drink, I had to shut it down. He could have been financially secure today but he chose wrong so he suffers. His dad is a piece of garbage and was never there for my step son and because of that, my wife and kids did suffer. This is why we believe so staunchly about helping kids from hard situations. They need a mentor or they’re doomed to repeat the lives of their parents.
  3. You seriously think HALF of the school children in this country are from families too poor to eat without government assistance???
    Lastly, Walmart IS paying a wage that allows parents to feed their kids. It’s just idiotic to suggest they aren’t. We have a problem with wanting to pass out free shit and the fact that they qualify for assistance is on US, not them. Seriously, the average wage at Walmart is $11.72 per hour. Do a little math and assume ONLY a 40 hour work week: $1,875.20 a month. At that wage, the taxes are fairly low but even assume 20%: Net pay $1,500.16 per month. Is that a nice lifestyle? Of course not. Can you feed your family on it and fund a place to live? YUP. Especially if you have two adults in a household but again, this idea that they should pay a wage that means someone can afford a $1400 apartment on their own with kids is just wrong headed. The idea that you should be able to work 40 hours and never have to lift another tool and should have a nice life is also wrong headed. Can’t make it on 40? Work 60. 80. I’ve worked 100+ hour weeks in the oilfield on occasion. I was making $16 an hour on my first job in the oil field and worked so many hours I made $84,000 that year. It’s also stupidity to try to make a career out of Walmart. That should be an entry level job that you use to gain some experience. My son started that crap after the Army, he had a job paying $10 an hour. My words were “No, you need a big boy job so get your ass out there and figure out what that means.” He’s now working in the oil field for a company that pays him $16 an hour as a project coordinator and he’s working his way up. Again, this all goes back to parental guidance.

Again, a living wage is determined by the market, not some damn politician in DC. Mandate $15 an hour and how many of those low income workers get laid off? I’m a business guy so I look at the dollars and cents of everything. If you mandate my wages climb by 20%, I have to turn a profit with higher costs. If I can’t pass those costs along to the customers, I have to work on efficiencies. That means less employees and more work PER employee. You cannot force it, you MUST let the free market reach is equilibrium or we’ll just see more and more government caused harm.


Actually the idiots in DC affect wages. The idiots allow open borders with the massive immigration via illegally or asylum forces wages lower to stagnation. Proof? During the oil boom in North Dakota, Nc D’s were looking for warm bodies for 20 bucks an hour.

With government intervention comes higher prices and inflation and in the end, the definition of poverty rises so few people leave the governments definition of poverty. Until government fixes immigration the game will continue. Our minimum wage just jumped to 11/10 an hour. With that the price of eating out also jumped. A 6" sub and soda at Jersey Mikes is now over 10 bucks.
Dinner out at a (not great) chain restaurant, 2 people 50 bucks.


That’s correct, I was speaking of the way it SHOULD be. We would be far better off if Government got the hell out of the way.


Want better outcomes? Start holding parents responsible when their grown children need assistance. If they have the money make them pay for it. That one always outrages liberals. It’s not fair to make those parents pay for what their adult children do or don’t do they screech. Yet somehow its fair to make totally unrelated tax payers responsible? How is that more fair? I take full responsibility for my offspring and any children they may have. If I did a poor job parenting so that they grew up unable to support themselves and my grandkids, I would step up to the plate and support them. Why should citizens who had nothing to do with it be stuck with the bill?

Luckily I did my job and they are unlikely to ever need that support.

But I for damn sure never had any children before I knew without a doubt I could support them. People who do such a thing need a good kick in the ass. And don’t say well unforeseen illness happens etc, psst, buy disability insurance you moron.


Libs got that covered. There is no race but there can be racists. It all makes sense if only you have the right indoctrination.


We’re all potential Einsteins, if we only had government funded prenatal care, free school lunches and head start. The things they believe are well, stunning.


You can’t be a better god than God… no matter how much more fair and compassionate you would be. You arn’t going to change this. Not everyone gets Nikes, open heart surgery, a new car, or even great food every night.


I find the people who have the most horror of being poor, are people who have never been poor. I grew up dirt poor, it wasn’t that bad. I was watching American Idol the other night, one of the contestants was giving them her story about how she grew up poor, moved them all to tears, but here is the kicker, she herself said, she didn’t really know she was poor or feel she had suffered, outside of being picked on in school for not having trendy clothes.

Bunch of spoiled rich people facing their worst nightmare, not being rich, if you ask me. I am not moved to tears because someone is poor or grew up poor, why should I be? I grew up poor and lack of money wasn’t the problem with being poor, being surrounded by other uneducated poor people was.