How to Spot a Liar!

Never said anything about anyone leaving. Perhaps you should go back and read again (actually, I provided the relevant posts and response below.)

I responded to approval rating. You don’t need to a achieve a 50% approval rating to become the President of this country. You do know that we are a Democratic Republic not a Democracy, correct?

That’s what he has spent his whole life and his entire ‘career’ doing. He’s been conning people out of money his entire life and he’s been ruining the lives of the average working person in all of his failed businesses since he started opening them and closing them. He’s the ultimate failure and loser. He needs to be removed from the WH and sent to prison.

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Sent to prison for what exactly?

Be specific. What law did he break?

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That’s the predominant attitude of so many here…

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Surely you jest…

Not really. Just that many here are realists rather than idealists.

My primary duty is to my family and to my country.

My duty is not extended to other’s families nor to their countries.

However, if I wish to help them, the I will do so voluntarily not because I am forced to. Quite frankly, I’d like to see more crying and gnashing of teeth from liberals over our own children who are suffering first.

I do not speak about military separations, but of parents who are cheerfully grabbed , carted away and leaving their little kids alone to fret. Let’s get real, shall we?

Who should be sent to prison?

So the tears of a child are only valid to you if you agree or disagree with the circumstances?

Let’s get real, indeed.

Your premise. It is up to you to answer. Be specific.

Please refresh my memory as I do not remember. thanx

Do the work required to refresh your own memory. I’m not your secretary.

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Indeed! I obviously speak of this circumstance and this topic. If a child misbehaves and is punished by his parent, it is ok to cry. So it obviously depends upon the circumstance, this
being an unnecessary one. A military call-up and the grabbing of a child’s parents are certainly different. If you believe that they are comparable, then you deserve Trump. Many more judges and staff to handle this crisis would be helpful, but Trump refuses which has contributed to the mess at the border. This way he can create chaos, play to his base and have them foaming at the mouth. The base doesn’t want those migrants here legally or otherwise even though they flap away about our country being a nation of laws which we all break from time to time.

Should the children be incarcerated with the law-breaking parent?

Well this topic seems to have gone far astray, but to the op, I forget what the count is on Trump lies thus far, but speaking of how to spot a liar, he pretty much takes the prize…

0bama was the chief of all liars. Look up the stats and facts.

Not to the child. Nor is it to a child when a parent is arrested for commiting a crime and they are separated.

Unnecessary is dragging a child into a circumstance knowing full well they will be traumatized

That is pure B.S.

What the base doesn’t want and rightly so are dependents that drain our medical, education and financial resources.

I’m all for point based immigration. Show you will be a benefit to the country. Show that you will not be a net taker but a net contributor.


Again, this is not about whose house they live in, be it mine or yours. It’s your America and not theirs? So what? You do know that our government has some culpability for this influx, yes?
Why are we not taking care of American children? Were their parents grabbed by ICE?
Are all migrant children recycled?
More judges would help to alleviate the chaos at the border, and Trump knows this.

Since the economy is doing well and people are employed you certainly can take a back seat and arm chair quarterback.

However, if you really want to talk about liars let’s take the granddaddy of all in this decade:

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