How to Spot a Liar!

Today, I watched this video about how to spot a liar, lecture given by Pamela Myer author of the book “Liespotting” shows the manners and “hotspots” used by those trained to recognize deception – and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving. She asserts that on any given day we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive.

Shortly after watching this video, I caught a headline about Kama Harris giving a speech in response to the latest shooting in El Paso Texas where she is on record as saying or threatening to send in cops to confiscate guns. Aside from the fact of the outrageous statement what is noticeable is her body language and and the way she speaks. Can you spot the tells of her lying?

Every time I watch Donald Trump speak, I notice that he exaggerates or lies about something just to make his point. He thinks that Americans are fools, but all he does with his rhetoric is to turn off the smart ones.

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There is nothing more foolish than not securing our borders and supporting illegals. There is nothing more foolish than wishing to turn this country back to the stone age with “green deals”.

Yet, liberals lap this up like they’ve just come out of the desert and found an oasis.

It’s a mirage. And the fools are the ones who buy into it. The smart ones are the ones who tune it out.

The fools are the ones who tune it out and have no compassion for those less fortunate than us. The fools are those who aren’t informed enough to know that our government has culpability in this matter by financially supporting autocrats in these poor countries for oil over the course of time, resulting in this debacle. Do I like what is happening on our borders? Hell no! I look at those immigrant children who don’t know what has happened, are scared, have been separated from their family and crying. It could be your child.
Your con-man Trump could have more judges, staff, technology at the border. Instead, he supports a friend to build his wall (Mexico was paying) without any research and who was deemed incompetent by the Army Corp of Engineers. What a guy! My post was not referring to this mess, but since you mentioned it…

This thread is not a Trump bashing thread, this thread about spotting and identifying specific behaviours! How about actually watching the videos I provide and put forth a narrative that is unbiased using your intellect to have an intelligent conversation? This is not a bitch fest! Try it! You might discover something along the way about yourself as well!

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By compassion, are you talking about eliminating our borders and taking away our right to keep and bear arms?


Then you won’t be opposed to opening your house up to the less fortunate, will you. Let the less fortunate strip you dry of everything you purchased with the labor and education you built over a lifetime.

No, it couldn’t be my child because I live in a country that fought for its freedom and rose to become the greatest nation the world has ever seen. A country that is generous enough to give aid to other countries who lack resources and are run by despots. Run by despots because the very people who are unhappy would rather run to my country than do anything about their own country.

It is the parent’s choice to put their child in a situation where they can be separated. Plenty of kids right here in this country are separated from parents when they commit a crime. I don’t hear any wailing and gnashing of teeth over that. And what do they both have in common? Both committed a crime and the children paid for it.

But, hell at least Americans don’t sell their children to be recycled to the next illegal looking for faster entry to the country.

I’m sure he intends to. But we also need a wall first. Just as every house needs a foundation.

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And has yet to achieve even a 50% approval rating…:wink:

You really should look at the video in the OP because it appears you can’t tell when you have been lied too by those that spew what your repeating. :roll_eyes:

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Neither have you. But that doesn’t stop you from being here does it?

Has nothing to do with whose house they live in.
Since it is not your child, I guess it is ok for somebody else’s child who didn’t have the same opportunities as yours.
And the parents want to be with their children and left their country due to unsafe conditions. Should they leave their children behind to fend for themselves?
I don’t know about recycling. Could be the orphan doin’ it.
Trump said no more judges. I heard him.

I watch Trump speak and lie to me. I guess he doesn’t lie to you, eh?

They are being trafficked and sometimes sold by their parents and are being recycled by the Drug lords so if you really cared about those children you’d do some research on those facts and stats and lobby your Congressional Representatives and Senators to do something about the loophole in our asylum laws that actually allow the USA to be complicit in this child abuse.

Did I say that or are you interpreting my comment to be something else?

Agree with your comment and not most of 'em are not being trafficked.

So if I find Trump to be repulsive I should leave, or are you just making a funny?

This is the problem as many are selling or putting their children in the custody of drug lords and literally sending their children away. Border Patrol agents are reporting seeing the same children they processed previously coming across the border as asylum seekers.

Maybe you should do a internet search of DNA and pregnancy testing at the border to broaden your supposed research on this issue.

Sure it does. America is my home. Not theirs.

Oh please. That is such a disingenuous statement. We have American children who need to be taken care of. We don’t need to take care of other countries problems or their people.

Why not? You certainly seem to keep yourself informed on all of the horrors perpetrated by America against illegals.

In another outrageous case disclosed this month, Border Patrol agents discovered a “recycled” illegal immigrant child who had been used by at least three “families” of unrelated adults attempting to get into the U.S. from Mexico. The practice is orchestrated by transnational criminal organizations to increase smuggling profits. One Guatemalan woman in South Carolina recycled children 13 times for payments of $1,500 each.

Why would we need more judges? Hopefully, if all goes accordingly we will need less.

Trump administration’s recent efforts to deter migration to the United States on many fronts, an approach that has included pushing asylum claimants back into Mexico to await court hearings, stepped-up Mexican enforcement against migrants as they head north, and the threat of ICE raids on families who have final removal orders. McAleenan wrote that the new rule “will reduce incentives” for migrants to enter the United States and swiftly move away from the border to avoid the faster deportation process.

I note that you left off a photo of the most obvious liar of all if you want to be even-handed,
that is.

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No not all but there is enough to the point where DNA testing is necessary, because one exploited child is one too many and unfortunately we have many exploited children at the border and it’s not because of a temporary separation from a parent.

And as another poster pointed out if an American commits a crime that requires incarceration for any length of time those children are separated from their parents and children of Military personnel are regularly separated from their parents, so that argument is really dishonest and insulting and doesn’t sway any clear thinking person.