How much of the bible is real history?


You’ve posed a question to which a definitive answer cannot be reached. The highly obstinate will insist that every word is true; the non-believers will say that none of it is true; the sensible will say that some is historically true and some consists of allegorical lessons or parables which may are may not be presented as they were actually spoken originally.

A parable is a fictional story used to teach a lesson, usually one of commendable ethics or morality. Jesus used parables and therefore told untruths to embellish a lesson. That Jonah was actually swallowed by a fish and spit out days later on dry land is likely not true, therefore not historical.

Were I a student of the Bible, I could go on forever and a day listing things I believe to be questionable and things I believe to be literally true. It would be a wasted effort as it likely would not change anyone’s beliefs.


As I said, America was on the path to greatness and has squandered it to become a third world shithole.


Right, that’s why we remain the world’s only economic and military superpower while Great Britain no longer even exists.

The further you go here the more hilarious it gets.


Your reply reminds me of a discussion I had years back with another “random nobody” on the internet.

We are each a random nobody on the internet. That includes you.


You pride yourself on an economy that is propped up by fiat that your own government doesn’t even control. When the American government needs money it borrows it from bondholders in China or at interest from the Federal Reserve. Your economy is all smoke and mirrors. It’s a joke.

Your military hasn’t won a war since WWII. Even that “win” is debatable as the Soviets carried the majority of the task. Your country is the best weapons maker in the world. That I will concede.

What does Great Britian have to do with this conversation?


On your age, I’m guessing mid to late 20s…still being controlled by your parents and wouldn’t last a year without their financial support.

You have a lot to learn…even after you obtain a graduate degree. Many great things happened before you were born.

Thanks for the answers you gave.


Russia and GB would have both folded without the US providing them both aid from 1939 on. GB was literally starving and losing the war in the Atlantic until the US entered taking the war to the U-Boats, and Stalin’s armies were starving and freezing to death until we extended lend lease to them as well.

We created their mechanized quick reaction ability and provided the supplies that kept them alive giving them a chance to build up enough armor and artillery to go on the offensive by providing them millions of rounds of ammo, millions of pairs of winter boots, millions of tons of food, combat aircraft, a rail system and more than 100,000 2.5 Ton Studebaker trucks along with a modern rail system to move it all.

If you don’t understand your own posts or what you’re replying to relative to GB by all means review the thread.

Hopefully before you graduate you will learn some history.

Here’s a start.


I am 33 and I am not controlled by my parents. In Hungary, we still value our family and respect the wishes of our parents. My father graduated from a university in Massachusetts and saved enough to put me through. I wanted him to keep the money. I graduated from Szeged with a degree in Geology and was working as a geologist in Hungary for the last 10 years. He insisted that I complete my graduate studies before I get too old to maximize the benefit. So here I am. I appreciate the quality of technical education and the sacrifice my father made - but this is not the country he remembers.


Yes - I mentioned that America was already good at military manufacturing and remains the best weapons maker in the world. This doesn’t change the fact that the Soviets carried the war. Again - your victory in WWII is debatable.

Is victory to you making and shipping a lot of stuff for others to use in the fight? No wonder Americans are so fat! :rofl:


I am guessing peak boomer. The generation that ruined the entire planet.


Not by anyone familiar with the facts or history.

Without our military aid and opening up two new fronts the Soviets were doomed to defeat which is why Stalin was so Enraged for so long.

Germany did not attack the US, the Japanese did so that’s where our early efforts in the war were concentrated.

Again, learn some history and quit making a fool of yourself.


I am not making a fool of myself. You believing that America “won” WWII is truly foolish.

When did the victory begin? When your communist president FDR partnered with communist Stalin?

America couldn’t even defeat the tiny country of Japan without nuking it - twice.


This is hilarious coming from a Hungarian, a country that capitulated to the Soviets without a fight and which would still be under Soviet Domination without the US taking the lead in the cold war.

Hungary, the superpower that never was.

When they weren’t being defeated by the Ottomans, Russians, an Germans they were simply surrendering without a fight.


Please, keep on this is entertaining as hell.


Nope! Pre-boomer.

I have completed 75.8465 trips around the sun…as of today.


[quote=“Supreme, post:32, topic:571, full:true”]
I am not making a fool of myself. You believing that America “won” WWII is truly foolish. [/quote]


With Lend lease and the US official entry into the war.

Laughably ignorant.

More ignorance.

We had already defeated the Japanese Military, all they had left were the home islands and a small, shrinking foothold in China

We chose nukes to end the war without a million unnecessary US casualties and millions of unnecessary Japanese casualties.

Japanese empire 1941

By 45 all they had left was a small foothold in China (again thanks to US military aid) and the home Islands.


I respect your age. You surely must have seen America change for the worse. I can’t even believe that this is America. When I came to look at colleges in Massachusetts with my father 15 years ago it was a very nice place. Now - there are aggressive latinos, niggers, and Muslims everywhere.

Say what you want about Hungary. We won’t let them in.


I had a Hungarian friend in high school…Laci Hegi…an exchange student. I befriended him after he was castigated by and arrogant math teacher for crossing his sevens while writing on the blackboard.

He knew little of American culture and traditions when he arrived here. I invited him to our family home for dinner several times and tried to develop a circle of friends for him…but the girls did not appreciate his blatant requests to “go somewhere and have intercourse”.

He was gone within a year…to where I do not know.

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What an uneducated statement. The decision to use atomic bombs on Japan was based primarily on the only other option of an invasion…which would have caused millions of deaths on both sides.


I’ve not known a geologist that didn’t have rocks in his head! :rofl:

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