How much of the bible is real history?

Magog’s claim in one of the anti-■■■ threads prompted me to create this, a topic that fascinates me.

I don’t think any religion knows what they’re talking about when they invoke a supreme being, or claim to know the motives of such a thing.

However, when it comes to the old testament, I think that it’s a very decent supposition that some of that stuff happened, from Exodus to all of the kings. I doubt that it’s precisely accurate, but it makes sense that there was a real Moses and a real exodus - the ■■■■ happened somehow, and those stories are too detailed and realistic to be just fanciful myths.

Did David kill Goliath and screw Bathsheba? That whole story of David is so detailed, there’s probably a lot of stuff that really happened.

The part of the Exodus that I have a hard time believing is, apart from parting the Red Sea, that such a crowd of hundreds of thousands wandered together in Arabia for 40 years. Something in that doesn’t add up.

Some of it has been shown to be true, some of it as yet hasn’t and some of it probably never can be either proven or disproven especially to such a level as to satisfy the most skeptical or those who refuse to believe any of it.

I’m a hardcore skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, but just saying that everything in the old testament is a silly unprovable myth doesn’t seem to be a good way to approach it. Yes, we will never be able to prove that David killed Goliath, probably, but it seems to me that it’s a decent bet that someone named David was a King back then and a guy named Solomon succeeded him. The ■■■■ had to happen somehow, and Jerusalem became their capital somehow. Their language isn’t a myth.

Can the origins of the ■■■■ be traced back into Egypt independently? That they emerged from Egypt as slaves escaping during a period of instability seems plausible, as well as the notion that they coalesced under a guy named Moses.

There’s no hard proof such as monuments to them in Egypt but I read a good article the other day that based on Egyptian records shows the conditions that purportedly led to the exodus indeed existed around the timeframe the bible says it occurs including the plagues and “sorrows” that befell Egypt just prior to them leaving.

It’s hard to know what’s allegorical vs historical but things like the line of kings, the fact Christ lived, etc and history of the conquests of the region are factual as much of it can be corroborated through other sources.

Many Americans still believe the Bible is real, that the Earth is flat, and that there is Heaven and Hell. Americans are semi-conscious, brute, uncivilized animals with no heart or soul. They live in a barbarian society, full of sex, wars, food and vice. On top of it all, they are proud of it. Americans are frankly an embarrassment to humanity.

Good to know that the trolls here are civilized, sexless and don’t eat much


What a typical American response. I provide direct criticism and this is the best that you can do. It’s no wonder your country is lost.

Tell us of your history.

When and where were you born?

What is your ethnicity?

Who were your teachers?

Where have you lived the longest time?

Are you male or female?

What type of government do you prefer?

Where do you live at the present time?

What are the 10 most important books you have read?

Who is your hero?

What is your physical age? (How many trips have you made around the sun?)

Well that isn’t true. The flat earth theory has been thoroughly debunked.

There may be a handful denying it but no more.

Your expertise on the US comes from living here for how many years?

You did nothing but spew ignorance, arrogance, and hate based solely on your own prejudices.

It is this type of limp-wrist attitude towards the truth that has gotten your country in so much trouble. It is rather sad and pathetic. The backbone that America once had has been lost to the equality and diversity choir.

I have visited here on and off for many years and have watched your country crumble more and more on each visit.

I am completing my graduate studies here at the insistence of my family. The majority of the students are foreign or US minorities who can’t spell.

Oh, I get it! You’re pissed off that you are not at the top of the class…likely a C or D grade student. :rofl:

So once again nothing but your own ignorance and prejudice.

We’ll give your “opinion” all the deference it is therefore due.

Sounds like someone compensating for the fall of the British Empire.

“Great Britain” died 70 years ago.

That is not of your concern.

I was born in Hungary. When is irrelevant.

I’ve had many - although I consider the Western classics to be foundational.


I am male.

A strong nationalist one.


That is not an easy question to answer as I have read many. I doubt your could give a pop-style Top 10 on books that you have read without putting much work into it. But - I will give you a summarized list with titles only. If you don’t know the titles then you haven’t read it and further elaboration on my part would be a waste of my time.

  • Meditations
  • Republic
  • Rhetoric
  • Disputed Questions on Truth
  • On the Nature of the God’s
  • Leviathan
  • An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  • My Struggle
  • The Culture of Critique
  • White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

I don’t have a hero. I have many people whom I admire.

See above on when. I already answered. This question is repetitive.

If saying that makes you feel better, that’s fine. I have nothing to prove to a random nobody on the internet.

At least Britian can claim to have actually been great at one point. America was heading towards greatness and is now a third world shithole.

We were great enough to bail your asses out of two world wars while your empire was crumbling.