How do you know the ballots are legit after election!?

I just went through election laws in Atlanta.

  1. you need a ID to vote.
  2. If you want a absentee ballot you need an ID.
  3. If you show up on election day without a registration you can fill out a provisional form.

you’re at a county say Fulton, you’re counting your minding your business all the ballots are showing up from here there and everywhere… how do you know the ballots that are being counted are authentic?
What is stopping somebody from dropping off pallets of ballots that are fake? This is where I’m stuck.

People checking the ballots are checking to see if they’re filled out correctly meaning is the correct name checked off, are they check info to match the registration?

They are trying to say 90% of the ghettos ass areas all got their ID during covid, registered to vote, and 80% of that requested a ballot… sent it on time… BULLLLLL SHIT!


In Wyoming:

  1. If you miss an election and don’t vote you are automatically purged from the voter rolls and must register again.
  2. You need a valid ID to not.
  3. Want an absent ballot requires a written request and ID.
  4. W do have some day registration, ID required, any ID other than a valid drivers license and it will be a provisional ballot.
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But what stop democrats from dropping 50 thousand fake ballots off in a democrat run county? And how would poll workers tell the difference

That is why our system depends on honesty which is sorely lacking today.

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2016: Russia stole the election

2020: Don’t question election integrity

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Trump flipped Beverly Hills but couldn’t carry Erie Pennsylvania!? Something big is about to break

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