🔴 House 'Intelligence' Committee Hearing for Acting DNI Joseph Maguire

As expected, Chairman Schiff sets the tone by refusing to accept answers unless they comply with his agenda. He basically argues with the witness in trying to get such answers.


I don’t agree with the witch hunt on the President, but I do have an issue if whistle blower complaints were intentionally held up. I hope that’s not the case.

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I haven’t heard anything yet to say that it was unduly held up. Macguire explains himself quite well.

Ms. Sewell (D-AL) is attacking his integrity. Typical liberal bitch.

Perhaps it would hav had more impact if the actual person telling the story would have fined the complaint.

A whistle blower complaint based on hearsay.

It should be interesting to hear all about the person making the complaint.


Joseph Maguire’s testimony shows how Trumpism corrupts. Another shameful day for America.

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One might think it would be far faster and better to have CNN do a poll instead of the lengthy investigations, hearings to determine they should impeach.

Did the dems step in it not waiting for the release?

There will be no other determination of whether President Trump gets to finish his task of grinding to powder and replacing the ruling bipartisan elite that he believes grievously mis-governed the country.

Do people actually realize that we have a ruling elite in Congress?

Rep. Carson: This is likely the first whistleblower complaint held from Congress. Is it?

Acting DNI Maguire: “I believe it might be…It is unprecedented.”


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups:

The Congress, who investigate crimes, and the Trump Administration, who commit them.

These are their stories. DUN DUN

Mr. Schiff,
Bottom line your a stooge trying to protect the president because you didn’t give us the complaint immediately regardless of precedent

Mr. Quigley is a fat stuttering moron. Just wanted to point that out.


The goal to damage the witness.


Uh oh - here comes Swallowswell - and he called him Congresswoman :rofl:

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The Department of Justice warned the whistleblower’s information was ‘secondhand’ and that there are indications, quote, ‘of an arguable political bias on the part of the complainant,’

One would think that alone should be enough to toss the complaint into the shredder.

Curious leaking sensitive/classiied information a crime.

Where’s the whistle blower? In jail?


This whole thing is Kabuki theater and it is terrible that they’re putting such an honorable Patriot through this mess. They should all feel ashamed of themselves for being a part of this nonsense.


I see the Dems have their narrative in full swing.

  • Ignore the favor was in regards to investigating the origins of the 2016 meddling
  • Lie that it was in regards to asking to investigate Joe Biden

Fuck these ratfink bastards.


I’m enjoying watching the DNI contort himself into a pretzel to protect the president. He’ll need to see his chiropractor afterwards…:rofl:

The only people contorting are these lying piece of shit Democrats.


I got $5 on Dan Coats being the “whistleblower”

Can you cite any examples of his contortions? He seemed rather steadfast, stoic, and direct.