House Democrats are forming a new oversight subcommittee to investigate Trump

DEMs are looking to replace the terrorism panel with one that will focus on investigating Trump.

From the article:

“Donald Trump is a far greater long-term threat to the wellbeing of the nation than terrorism,” said Daniel Benjamin, a top counterterrorism official in the Obama administration’s State Department and now at Dartmouth College."

Despite what DEMs are saying in public, I seriously expect them to try to impeach Trump.

They still can’t accept the fact that Trump won. I can’t imagine what they will do when Trump get’s his second term.

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Sad, bitter little people.

Funny coming from people who were expecting Trump to accept the results of the election when he lost. :joy:


Not to mention a waste of taxpayer money. They’ve already hired Mueller to investigate Trump, and so far he’s found nothing. Likely they are going to drag this out to after the 2020 election and arrest Trump as a private citizen. It’s sad that there are people who actually think this is doing the country any good.

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I don’t really have a strong party affiliation, so I am for checks and balances of both side where warranted.

Given all the smoke around Russians and Trump… I support being as thorough as possible. Republicans has their turn now Dems get to show if they are better or worse.

Well that’s not true. Definitely nothing with Trump directly. But not his close campaign associates.

Lying to the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots and cheating on taxes.


If Mueller after 2 years and 30 million has squat, don’t you think it’s time to move on???

p.s. If mueller had anything he would have indicted Trump. If there were smoke his minions would have leaked it.


Specially before midterm election.


So patriot Mueller has allowed a traitor to occupy the American white house while he has evidence that Trump is a traitor.

Does that make Mueller an accomplice? Complicit?

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2 years isn’t very long for this type of investigation. However I agree, I am also anxious to get this wrapped up. However to say there isn’t anything to this investigation just isn’t true. I am for law and order… so want I support the FBI. Always have always will.

I don’t disagree its DEMs turn. My prediction is that they will take it to levels we’ve never seen before.

Mueller has no power to remove anyone… that would be up to congress.

No that makes anyone that believes that a wishful thinking fool.

If you were for law and order you would be screaming for the investigation to be broad and encompass the left including Hillary and Barack.


They might as well do something with their spare time as passing laws for nancy and chuck is a thing of the past.

Non-sequitur. The FBI is not law and order.

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Hilary’s campaign should be investigated thoroughly for their role with Fusion. Beyond that I don’t see anything else there. Both can be investigated, but I am not sure why the Repub lead house didn’t take the Hilary thing further?

I support law and order and law enforcement. Should have been clearer.

The FBI lost claim to the title.

We all support law and order. That goes without saying. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be corrupt bad apples.