Hollywood is a Devils Haircut Thread

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Poetic justice of Hollywood not surviving the coof!

Pretty funny.

I hate the stain on the name “Hollywood”

The name used to be, a good thing representing hope and Americana. It meant anticipation and weekend Popcorn. It meant escape and cinematic literature.

They made their bed, now they have to sleep in it. I have no sympathy for Hollywood and it’s royalty especially when they act like a privileged class.

Also especially when they expose their stupidity and make statements like these!

I can’t stand those people. Mark Ruffalo was a good actor, but I have refused to see any of his movies since he started his deranged speech.

For me the name "Hollywood, " has nothing to do with “Hollywood” of the past 20-25 years. They always had a leftist and corrupt side, but for many years Hollywood was 90% patriotic and had a positive message.

Today the physical location of Hollywood Blvd. is turning into a pit. It’s sad to see.

The movies and TV are 90% unwatchable to me.

Hollywood was always connected to the communist party which from the Red Scare days had revealed. It never represented that for me, maybe you but not me. The entire story of when Orson Wells was shooting “Citizen Kane” and how that one film ruined his career should be telling that old habits die hard for how the industry does business and it’s always been an exclusive club.

Paul Thomas Anderson was shooting down the street recently. That sounded like a good movie.

But the majority of Hollywood hated the Communists. They snuck in with the unions. McCarthy handled it all wrong and made anti-communism look scary and mean.

There were still lots of patriots that hated the Commies. As John Wayne complained when he was interviewed about his “High Noon” remarks he despised the way the townspeople behaved like cowards and said “That wasn’t America,”. It was subtle.

Sure, there were always Patriots in the industry and I certainly can agree with you on the McCarthy aspect, but now forget it. It’s a far cry from the days of Bing Cosby and John Wayne. Sad!

I’m not giving up on things changing here and in California in general. I have to see it as a temporary insanity–as “wishful thinking” as that might be.

Well, sadly I don’t think we will get to see it in our life times. There is simply too much immorality and corruption for it to be saved. I am talking about California as a whole. It’s a beautiful state but it’s virtually a communist take over by proxy. I can’t remember what city or town it was, but a City Hall building in one of its towns was caught flying a Chinese state flag because one of its council members was from China. It hardly made news and 20 30 years ago would have created outrage, but now it hardly gets a eye blink.

Did you see this Breitbart article? This is insane…

Yes I saw this story, and it’s disgusting. Why isn’t there more backlash over this? Are people that afraid to come out of the house to voice their opposition to this insanity? Is it because of their Jobs on the line? Or the fear they will be beaten by ANTIFA? BLM? This is crazy!

I don’t even think most people even know about it. It certainly isn’t on the news in CA.

Hard to believe that this is the same guy who is accustomed to swearing all the time! He’s got his own book series.

Pretty enlightening from Mark Dice, something I have been saying for years now.

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Now they are coming for “Lord of The Rings!” I swear if I could, I would send all of these asshats who make these decisions in front of a firing squad!

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In relation to this thread this issue seems relevant in terms of criticizing Post Modernism which Hollywood is no doubt the reason its gone the way it has. Its not art anymore when it becomes propaganda and indoctrination.

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I had no idea this show was in the works. A prequel? And it’s not The Silmarillion? I can see why they would need sex and nudity to get viewers. I had a Borzoi I named Silmarillion.

I don’t want to prejudge, but making up “new stories” in LOTR sounds blasphemous.

Granted, the Silmarillion is more of an outline then a fleshed out book, but they aren’t even talking about the Silmarillion.

It’s a complete disrespect for literature.

I suspect this will generate lots of lawsuits. will it end up being scrapped?