Hillary- will she or won't she run?


Here’s an article saying it looks like Hillary will run again.

It notes a video she sent yesterday to the 2019 Makers Conference.
It also notes that every time a female announced their presidential campaign, Clinton took to social media to remind the women — which she claimed to care about empowering — that she’s already been there and done that.


That link is hilariously ridiculous.


She sure can repeat what Romney has did, including his father in Michigan! Both are big time losers and should never get in whiffing distance of the White House!


Kind of like those ridiculous links in 2016 saying Trump would lose in a landslide.


I think she’ll not run. She has too many lies and too much corruption in her recent history (since she became Secretary of State) and cannot possibly defend some of them.

That and the fact that the Democrat Party likely will not support her if she tries for the nomination will make her reluctant to run.


I think she will run. I think she’s another Harold Stassin. She’ll be trying to be president until she’s dead.


What makes you think they won’t likely support her? If there are several supporting AOC’s Green New Deal, then supporting another Clinton run seems like a no brainer. (Pun intended.)

And as far as defending her baggage, you clearly haven’t been following her or her husband. They don’t defend anything. They ignore, project, and attack. They’re good party psychophants.



are they related?

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I think the Democrat Party has put both Bill and Hillary out to pasture as their leaders. The Clinton Foundation has been exposed as a farce and is still subject to investigation. Hillary has lost a lot of credibility, is subject to further investigation regarding her email saga and her health is in question. I think she couldn’t survive a campaign without being propped up.


We don’t know what’s ridiculous until we see what actually happens.


And yet, what is her competition? As for being propped up, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s the Democrat mantra, obtain and keep power at any cost.


I pretty much agree with you about her chances, but I still think she will try to run. For her, logic is out the window. She’s pathological about wanting to be president.


Remember when Presidential candidates actually had to get out and run to prove their fitness?

I’m not sure that she could drive a wheelchair, let alone walk thru the woods with a glass of whine.


That makes no sense.


It does to me…


I don’t doubt that.

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I just don’t see her getting much support from anyone in the party.


I think she will run. It’s not like she can do any serious damage to the DNC. The party is already so fractured and broken that her announcement couldn’t break it anymore than it already is.


She certainly has the money to try. However, she won’t get the nomination.

I welcome her trying. It will boost the economy by supporting ad agencies.