Hillary- will she or won't she run?


The Clintons are today’s J. Edgar Hoover. They have a file of dirt on everybody of importance. Who do you think put the National Enquirer onto John Edwards’ sexual shenanigans in 2008? Who do you think started the Obama birther issue? Who dug out Trump’s AH tape?
Who found Elizabeth Warren’s Texas Bar Application?

If she runs, she’ll start on the other candidates. You know they are all dirty as hell, and we’ll all know it before she’s through.

I give her better than an even chance of winning the nomination by being the last scoundrel standing.




She can’t rig it this time (I think) and she won’t do it if she has to try to get people to vote for her.

In an unrigged race, she’d have a hard time beating Lyndon LaRouche. She’s a human rasp.




From footage of the last election, it doesn’t look far off.


I’m not so sure. They’re still denying she rigged it last time. Even after all the wikileaks stuff came out.


We would hear Clinton screech like a banshee if another woman beat Trump. Her ego could not stand it.

If she does not run, i would be surprised if she supports a woman.


Not that she or the Democrats are above it - there are just too many new aspirants who have enough clout in the party to prevent it.


Probably not, most democrats just want her to go away.

If enough of the loons like the Occasional Cortex get into the race she just might since that’s about the only thing that can maker her palatable to even her own party.