Hidden In The DHS Draft Budget


The GOP-run amendment puts 300,000 imported Indian temporary workers and 300,000 of their family members on a fast-track to green-cards, Americans’ jobs, citizenship, and the ballot box — but it provides no benefits to middle-class Americans.

The GOP amendment would provide Democratic-leaning donors with more imported white-collar workers, more temporary workers, more profits, and higher stock values — but it provides nothing to help the GOP win the 2020 election.


Trump is so worried about border wall funding that Ryan and friends could sell the US to Canada as long has he got his wall…

More noise needs to be made about this to your congressmen and women… This is most certianly a sellout to the American worker.


NO MORE H1-B PERIOD!!! I have watched way too many friends / co-workers lose their jobs after training these ‘scabs’ who a lot of the time steal ‘IP’ / knowledge and take it back to their home countries!


These foreign workers need to fix their own nations. India needs to keep their IT, Engineers, Doctors, and others within their nation to fix India’s problems. The US has plenty of college graduates and many other people looking for work. The US doesn’t need the Indians, Chinese, Canadians, and others taking jobs Americans should be taking.


Being closer to true full employment than we’ve ever been in history it’s going to be a hard sell that it’s time to limit the H1-B program.

If that is the cost to get a wall funded however I’d take this bill in a heartbeat.

Indians are among the best educated people in the world and tend to excel in science and technology, medicine and other critical areas where the US is falling short.

Let’s say we get 300,000 of them vs millions more barely literate unskilled illegals flowing in over the same timeframe, is that not a win for the US?

We’re not going to get everything we want, we couldn’t even do that with Trump as POTUS and majorities in both houses. We’ve now lost the house to the dem’s so the only possible way the wall gets funded will be through some sort of compromise.

The problem is we’re pushing too many students that society doesn’t need…one like liberal arts and not enough engineers etc.

In 2009, the United States graduated 89,140 students in the visual and performing arts, more than in computer science, math, and chemical engineering combined and more than double the number of visual-and-performing-arts graduates in 1985.

Then it goes on to say graduates from arts are less likely to create the kinds of innovations that will drive our economy.



No question about that but we’re also failing miserably at graduating HS students that are prepared for college.

Over the last thirty years the US has fallen from first among all nations when it comes to education to what, somewhere around 35th now?

Another big problem is pushing kids to go to college where they’d be much better served with training in job skills like computer technicians, carpenters, cabinet makers, automotive repair etc.

In a technological society like ours we need to be producing our own technicians and and laborers so we can stop having to either import them or send the jobs overseas.

A one seat majority in the Senate means nothing…especially with assholes like Chuck Schumer and his ilk opposing everything on a partisan basis (party over country) and RINOs like McCain and Flake joining the opposition. The Senate is easily controlled by the minority…and the influence of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA…both of which are enemies of the people.

Funny how they got ever single democrat (60) senators to support Obamacare…and they even used Ted Kennedy deathbed to help them do it.

Libs always fall in line…hell look no farther then Nancy Pelosi even after many of them ran against her as speaker.

They know who butters their bread.

Though it likely happens in both parties, the entrenched, tenured Democrat Party leaders control the political careers of the freshmen congress members by promising committee chairmanships in exchange for party line votes and political suicide in exchange for voting otherwise.

Very few if any congress members truly represent the people that elected them.

No problem…build the wall. You young men could do worse than to find a pretty Indian woman doctor to marry and have a some handsome ass kids and a happy life. These aren’t scrubs we’re talking about. Welcome and BUILD THAT WALL and bring on the ■■■■■ food! NAMASTE mofos whoot!

True, but how does that affect us going forward? Are they supposed to throw a tantrum and do nothing for the next two years?

Budgets have to be passed and it’s going to require compromise so we’re not going to get everything we want even with an expanded majority but still short of 60 votes.

Republicans have never had the discipline of the dem’s.

Well if Trumps estimates of 28 billion are correct and he is only pushing for 5 million at this time… 5 major concessions on things like immigration, budget, pork spending, and backdowns on things like E-verify and chain migration, will make it the most expensive and likely lease effective wall in history. Given that the southern border is less less than half our immigration ‘problem’ and chain migration creates an exponential effect, Dems will continue to import people and families that change the culture irreversibly and push even more Americans out of the job market.

Democrats have counted on this slow an methodical concept for 100 years…

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Dems had no problem with continuing resolutions and after the last two budgets under this administration it is clear than no one in Washington actually cares about ‘The Budget’.

I was merely pointing out that simply because one party has the WH, the Senate and the House does not mean that the party controls all three.

Sometimes (thankfully) the party of the President does not control him.

Reality may be tough to swallow but it’s still reality.

Congress has to appropriate the money and without clear republican majorities in both houses compromise is going to be required.

Remember, in the senate it takes 60 votes to even get a bill to the floor.

Correct, particularly in the senate.

If Republicans spent time keeping campaign promises instead of trying to act like Democrats they might not have pissed away the last two majorities they had. Instead they get a majority and start finding all the excuses possible why it isn’t enough and we should send them more money while they reneg because of that.

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So Indians to the GOP are what illegals South Americans to Dems. Interesting. At least these wont be on welfare.

On a related note, this should be a wake up call on American and their overpriced and under-trained education system i.e. university. Look at an average university pamphlet, and you see more values placed on “amenity” than on actual education. What this system produces is entitled, debt-ridden, delusional and under-skilled workers that overvalue for jobs they cant do.