HELP: ICE question, thinking about calling ice on the illegals at my job


so I work at a restaurant in Boston, the entire back of the house is illegal, A new one came in today, he smiled at me cocky, thinking I’m one of the white libs in Boston who will kiss his ass…
I can tell he’s one of the ones from the caravan.
An invader… I’m sick of it every few days we hire a new one.

This one the cocky smile he gave me has me beyond pissed…

My question is if I call ice on him will they arrest the entire kitchen staff?? Or just him… I need to work…

Anyone here in the gov or familiar with ice as what will happen if I file a complaint, can I stay Anonymous? Many of them are in ms 13… not trying to be murdered over a dish washer…


Man up and pick up the phone. For all the yammering you’ve done about what a tough guy you are and how you’re going to do something about all these immigrants you can’t stand taking over your city you’re suddenly sounding awfully meek.


It would close my restaurant for weeks maybe months… I think eventually they will all be deported, and some are good guys, I tell them I’ll add you on Facebook ha

But I cannot keep seeing it continue… I need to put my foot down


If your principles are dependent on your personal discomfort you have none.

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Dude stfu you probably never worked a day in your life…
I treat these people like union scabs, never respected… if you can’t answer the question go play key board commando with someone else


Hilarious… . All mouth and no ass.

Stand up and be a man or just be the whiny bitch you’ve always shown yourself to be.


Keep talking shit online… Jew boy lol


Oh my, I’m so wounded… . You’re as scary as a mouse.


Jeeze, ya can’t swing a dead cat on this forum without hitting an anti-semite.


And racist to the core too. The dregs of society that have never been able to accomplish anything and blame their own failures on everyone that doesn’t look, speak, or worship as they do.

If they’d put half as much effort into making something of themselves as they do bitching and whining they might eventually scrape their way into the middle class.

That however is just too hard as it begins with accepting responsibility for their own weaknesses and failures.


My weakness shouldn’t be a non Jew who doesn’t get hand outs at Bar mitzvahs…
Monopolize everything , media, corporate influences , political influences … yes I’m just a white American non Jew dealing with all the bull shit obsticals jews put in the way… all because my family doesn’t have a bar mitzvahs to collect handouts so often passed at these parties…
and not all Jews are nasty greedy oppressors… but I will always point it out.


Perfection… . Thank you, thank you ever so much.


That’s what I’m here for big mouth…


Whining and blaming others for your personal failings is the one thing you have mastered. Might as well embrace it.

God knows it’s beyond you to accept responsibility for your own failings and failures.


What ever makes you feel better snow flake…I really had no option as a 4 year old what schools I went to… being stuck in class rooms 8 hours a day with peope from the 3rd world wasn’t my decision. Lol
I am a victim of democrat run public schools system… and immigration laws. I think i do deserve a little respect for what I went thru… but you wouldn’t understand that Jew boy lol


We’ve already been over all that and it was shown to be lies when we looked at the demographics of the schools in your area.

Man up and grow up and take responsibility for your own life.


Madison park high school!? Lol it lost its accreditation twice haha

Trotter elementary? Off humbolt Ave?? Lol
Not many Jews there haha
You would have last 2 mins


Yep, Jews have been hearing that for 4,000 years and yet they are still the hidden masters of the world.

Grow up and quit whining.


I’m grown… I use my experience as strength… jews hate it because they can’t buy it… look at you fall apart when I talk about my history and experience… you ad hominem like no one else …


The ICE ERO Detention Reporting and Information Line is a toll-free service that provides a direct channel for agency stakeholders to communicate directly with ERO to answer questions and resolve concerns. Stakeholders may reach the ICE ERO Detention Reporting and Information Line by dialing 1-888-351-4024 . Live trained operators are available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) to respond to inquiries from those in ICE detention and from community members. Language assistance, including Spanish operators, is also available.

Call center representative will answer calls and assist with resolution on subjects such as:

  • Incidents of sexual or physical assault or abuse,
  • Serious or unresolved problems in detention,
  • Reports of victims of human trafficking and other crimes,
  • Reports on individuals with serious mental disorders or conditions,
  • Separation of minor child or other dependent and other parental related issues,
    **** Inquiries from the general public, law enforcement officials and others***
    **** Requests for basic case information.***
  • Reports that someone in detention has a serious mental disorder or condition.