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Again, you’re diverting away from the discussion I tried to raise about how some members on this forum throw around undemocratic statements. I’m still interested in a response to that.

Also, the view that one is either a Stalinist/Maoist or a non-democrat is not doing global political history any justice, and is incredibly unnuanced. Of course you can disagree with social policy regarding entitlements etc., but saying that Kamala Harris equals Stalin is either a gross overestimation of how leftist and authoritarian she is, or a gross underestimation of how horrible Stalin and the Russian Communist Party was.

When the Russian Revolution occurred, most Russians thought they were going to get social justice and equality.

They never imagined that the Czar and his entire family would be murdered, and subsequently millions of people would be imprisoned and executed.

Better learn from history.
Better be safe than sorry.

Today’s Democratic party in America is brazenly demonic.
Never heard of Hillary blood rituals and pizzagate?
If you haven’t, we are not on the same page, and I will speak no more.

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Giving me an ultimatum based on whether or not I believe in wild conspiracy theories that are based on everything but facts is quite a stubborn move. Yes, I’ve heard of the conspiracies - no, I do not believe in them. I aim at being a rational being, parishing to facts rather than good headlines based on unsubstantiated claims.

If you’re still up for discussing despite that, I’m up for it!

He needs to say that crap to my face. It won’t come out well for his communist but

How does it feel to lose…Trumpers?

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This is what the Communist human filth want, all Trump supporters are J-e-w-s now, will the Communists be forcing everyone to wear the Yellow Star?



I don’t know we didn’t loose. Cheating isn’t loosing.

No. But Trump supporters will be sent to “re-education centers”

Translation: Gulag camps

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Listen ■■■■■■■■■■■■ this Trumper doesn’t mind losing in a FAIR AN HONEST WAY.But when you have ballots that could be as late as Christmas and a state court says it’s okay, there’s something WRONG.
Why don’t you look into the historical dishonest election process in our big cities or is that okay because the Dems have a large registration edge.
Get a grip on reality, TOJOE couldn’t draw flies to his speeches , I only saw a backdrop behind him on RV whenever he spoke and yet becomes pres elect because of RETARDED COMMUNSTS like you.


You’ll have to excuse my choice of words as I’m frustrated as to the courts rulings on observing the ballot counting and the courts refusing to to do their job.

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It’s going to be ok. :slight_smile:

It’s coming, largely due to our God-fearing and wise Founding Fathers.
There is a caveat, though…

There is a possibility of Trump being president and Harris being VP.
That’s how it works out Constitutionally.
Unlikely that the Senate would pick Harris, but it is a possibility.

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I posted about that the other night, the possibility that Trump could be President with Harris as Vice President.

The House picks the President, one vote per State Delegation and Republicans have more States than Democrats and The Senate picks the VP and if they steal the two Georgia seats that would mean Harris as VP.

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That’s how it is, idk. Georgia is being audited right now.

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The House eg. California has one vote, Utah has one vote, New York has one vote, Alabama has one vote etc and Republicans have more State Delegations than Democrats do.

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I can see Romney voting for Harris. What a douche he is! I hope he gets primaried next time.

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Isn’t that too dangerous for Trump?
Just one bullet and you have President Harris.

Remember, she is the one speaking about millions of dead Americans.

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Well right now I would say it’s dangerous for Trump, the unhinged demonic Leftists want to literally murder him right now.

Dear Lord, as your humble servant, I ask you to please throw your protective shield around your humble servant Donald John Trump and his family, The forces of Satan on this earth are converging to unleash great suffering, please Dear Lord smite them down and destroy them. Amen.


Not true. He has suffered a fate worse than death. We voted him out. It’s crushed his ego.

Matt: And how in the world does that happen? Where in the Constitution can I find this?