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1st post, biden will win


Yes - Biden will win and all of these Trumpers will be put on notice! They have no place in this country.

Biden isn’t going to win a damn thing except a ticket to prison.


Biden’s dementia will get worse and he will be in hospital / nursing home before Jan 2021.


What f-ing Country is that YOURS ? F-ing foreign trash bucket !!!

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Listen that will never happen , it didn’t with Hillary or the FBI that dishonored the oath . When there is treason in the highest levels of law enforcement and by dems and NO ONE has seen the inside of prison after 4 years DON’T count on anything ever happening .

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Your the one that might have no place in this country. Why would you say something so stupid?


The left is still stalked by obsolescence. There is simply not enough menace to service its demands for power. The voices that speak for the left have never been less convincing. It is hard for people to see the menace that drives millionaire football players to kneel before the flag. And then there is the failure of virtually every program the left has ever espoused—welfare, public housing, school busing, affirmative action, diversity programs
Th hate filled left speaks.

Can’t wait for the anarchists and regressives from the shithole city come and escort us from the US. Bring lots of help.

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I’m guessing you are talking about the rapture. If you are I’m with you, This country has gone down the tubes. Only God can save us now.

Biden has 73 million votes, Trump has 70 million votes. Trump supporters will actually be putting you Commie POS on notice.

If Biden/Harris steals the election then Biden/Harris are going to be treated like you Leftists treated Trump and that is as Illegitimate and with TOTAL contempt, Biden/Harris will be treated like pieces of shit by Trump supporters and so will you and your filthy ilk be treated like pieces of shit.

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The Urbanite POS is on board with the crowd who want to murder all Trump supporters. Urbanite is lower than whale shit.


Wrong answer, commie!

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No. We don’t roll like that.
When Harris fucks Biden over, oh, she will get no quarter.
But umm…first we have to get past massive nationwide election fraud.

That’s likely. He’s not fit to serve.

Well to me Biden should be treated like shit and then also Harris gets treated like shit.

^^^^^ This:

This talk of those on the other side of you politically not having a place in this country is quite un-democratic. Any liberal democracy has to take freedom of opinion seriously, and it follows that what is sufficient for having a place in a country is having citizenship in that country.

Of course we’re all going to have heavy disagreements when it comes to politics, but why this focus on bashing the person behind an opinion rather the opinion itself?


Because you don’t have to be a genius to know that the Bolsheviks are going to murder Trump supporters en masse, if Biden/Harris Presidency, God forbid, should become a reality.

The Bolshevik murderers already smelled blood and they are not going to stop.

To me this seems like an unsubstantiated claim, but even if it is true the point is mute within this discussion forum. In this specific forum discussion, several people have claimed that other members do not belong in this country. Obviously they did not throw those claims out on the grounds that the members targeted are Bolshevik murderers, but because they differ in opinion. And claiming that someone does not belong in a country they are citizens of on the grounds of having different opinions on who should be president reflects undemocratic values.

When Bolsheviks say “They have no place in this country,” they mean it. It means mass murder.
No more, no less.

What’s Kamala’s perspecitve?
200 million Americans less, white Americans at that.

How many did they kill in Russia?
How many did they kill in China?
What are the FEMA camps all about?