Healthcare: a "human" right?

In last night’s Democratic debate, someone (I forget just who it was) declared that healthcare is “a human right.”

I have heard this previously.

But this begs the question: Even if it is true–and I have some serious reservations about it–does a “human” right trump a constitutional right?

In other words, if it could be positively demonstrated that healthcare is, indeed, a human right–but not that it is a constitutional right–which is really of greater importance?

Please discuss.

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More than one said it.

Is “love” a human right? Is it the government’s job to provide it?

I think the difference in the words “right” and “entitlement” needed to be discussed when that came up. Of course the moderators would not do that. Too stupid.

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Self defense is a human right. More so than healthcare.


The fact that people believe that healthcare is a human right is just a matter of opinion. It’s not anywhere in our Constitution and it’s not in any of the amendments. If a lot of people believe that healthcare is a human right they can have their elected official try to get an amendment added to the Constitution. For as long as it’s not in the Constitution then it is not a constitutional right and thus it is just an opinion or belief.


How about this, why would healthcare be considered a human right?

What other human rights allow you to demand the work of others?


Maybe it should be an obligation for getting Death insurance. You know, we’re all gonna die eventually. I am serious. Ok, maybe just a tad serious.

If it isn’t in the Constitution then it isn’t a “right”.

What is more important is the Constitution granting freedoms so that you have the right to buy health insurance…or not.

People who cannot afford insurance are eligible for Medicaid. No one is turned away at an ER. Sure, there are people who make too much to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to pay deductibles and copays.

Health care did not use to be unaffordable. You could go to a doctor’s office - there was a receptionist and a nurse. Now, it takes an entire staff to code, collect, negotiate rates with insurance companies along with liability insurance that costs an arm and a leg.

So, as with anything if you want it to be more affordable, get government out of the way and let the free market work. Although, I’m not sure we could ever go back to that.


Already have that. It’s called life insurance. It just sounds a lot nicer but it’s exactly what you’re talking about.

@BasedSlav Yes, that is correct. I was being sarcastic in a way. But my point was that since the Democrats want “everyone” to vote for them (and the Party), including dead people. I was thinking…"why not? Let’s have Death insurance as well…we already have LIFE insurance for the “living”. Lol

Our culture has bastardized what “right” means.

Now a “right” means nothing can get in the way of you obtaining whatever is being referred to as a right.

In truth, a RIGHT is what we should be allowed to do, not what we should be entitled to get.

We all have the right to an education. I can’t say to you, “You’re female. You can’t go to school.” But I certainly should be able to say, “You don’t have the prerequisite high school coursework to enroll here.” Or, “You don’t have the financial means to afford this school.” Both conditions can be rectified by the individual, and then she can attend.

But today’s concept of “rights” dictate that either the school must accommodate her shortcomings, or society overall (through taxation) should rectify it.

Yes, we have a right to healthcare. Nobody can say to me, “You’re conservative, so I will not fix your broken arm.” You’re ■■■■■■■ You’re Christian. You’re black. You’re white… Whatever. Basic healthcare costs are covered for everyone and anyone through a network of various programs. It has been so for as long any of us here have been alive. But access to those basics HAVE been violated in the past because of discrimination. We’ve fixed that.

What the new “rights” advocates want are beyond that. When you hear our “woke” politicians use this term now, it applies to free abortions, free gender reassignment surgeries, all sorts of other non-basic procedures.


The answer is none! Healthcare is a service not a right! Does getting your car fixed equate to a right or a service? The analogy used is almost synonymous because of the need for others to provide a service when something gets broken or needs maintenance.

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Also… if one is going to get others to pay for their healthcare, that person should be living the cleanest, healthiest life possible.
But it’s kinda just the opposite.

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You actually can if you address Lobbyist who prevent the free market to compete! The reason we have skyrocketed cost is the insurance companies have a monopoly that prevents meaningful legislation to pass in order to address prices.

Actually, it isn’t a “human right” either.

Neither is having someone else being made to provide you with food or shelter or clothing (most will last a lot longer without healthcare than without food).

What is a right is the freedom to try to acquire for those things for yourself, either at your own expense or from the voluntary charity of someone you ask for help.

Progressivism is the antithesis of generosity and charity, it is dogooding with money you take from others at proverbial gunpoint.


If only a debate moderator would ask candidates to address that issue.

The so-called progressives might say that food stamps and many other programs demonstrate a right to have those provided as well.

As I’ve said before: the Left doesn’t justify spending in terms of rights or such things but they establish these by spending first, and once the people have their hands out they become irate if their goodies at other people’s expense ever go away.

Democrats understand the Republican Party, the many Quislings in it who may feign resistance to Democrat pushes but never roll back or repeal, and thus the DNC specializes in these spending first contrived ship has sailed scenarios.

The DNC is a haunt of scum and villainy.

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Is food a human right? If yes, then you need money to buy food?

Is money a human right, bc you need it to purchase other “rights”?

You see where this is heading, right?




It is a basic human right to be able to seek it. There is no basic human right however that requires something be provided to you by others.


If it is a basic human right then every law relative to theft of food, water, shelter, medicine etc would have to be in violation of our constitution.