Have you heard?

They’ve just discovered a planet 600 million, million, million miles away (which roughly converts to a zillion light years) that has wadda in its atmosphere in which there could be life forms? It’s in Nature Astronomy but I don’t have time to find a link right now - I’m orf to Sainsbury’s in a minnit. I just thought TWR and Samm might be interested?

The planet probably no longer exists and if it does who knows what it looks like today since what we are seeing today is 600,000,000,000,000,000 years old because it took the light that long to travel here.

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I doubt if he thought of that.

So not only was it fake news, it was non news too; so why TF did they publish it? I’ll tell you why, because you obviously don’t understand my point about ‘advertising revenue’ - it was because such crap ‘facts’ interest people like you, and they rush out to buy and read mags like Nature Astronomy, that’s why.

Spoken like a true sock puppet! lol

So what does that make you?

Actually, it would be about 106 million light years away. Considertably less than a zillion. Still, the light we’d be seeing is from long enough ago for them to have evolved Democrats resulting in the destruction of all life on that planet.


How do we KNOW the speed of light has been/is constant? Scientific experiments have increased the speed light up by 300% and slowed it to a near stop. So estimating distance and time are speculations.

It’s news because they found it and because it indicates that earth like planets may be far more common than we thought even a couple of decades ago.

No they haven’t. The maximum speed of light in a vacuum is a fixed constant and it can only be slowed by transmission through a medium

Yes. People who believe in an endless set of miracles to have life as we know it currently have a compelling reason to believe it happens in countless places.

Funny thing: once upon a time people thought that the Lord created life here so of course He will create life elsewhere … with a consequence being that people who rejected that would say if we found no other life (and originally it was finding no other life on Mars, Venus etc) it would somehow disprove creation. And then things like Science Fiction happened and then folks started acting as if finding life elsewhere would be what disproves creation.

The God I believe in is not so limited as to only be able to create life here.

As many a wise man has said, “If life only exists on earth the Universe has a lot of wasted space”.

I fully accept the likelihood that life exists on many planets and that it’s almost a certainty God has other children on some of them.

Christ said when he departed he had children in other lands to tend to, no reason to believe they were all earthly.


Actually, the universe might be so full of completely unique phenomenon and wonders that what we think of as life may not exist elsewhere because that would be the Lord repeating Himself. Conversely there might be many Earths, Star Trek style, only really different in the constellations. And of course anything in between.

But my comment was about people attempting to use the appearance of life elsewhere, or the lack of it, to argue about the existence of the Lord and how they exhibit sometimes willful but usually selfserving approaches to their argumentation.

As for life elsewhere, taking the Gospel to distant worlds, even unfallen ones, might be one of the things done in the MK. Just speculation.

Google it. It is true. I think MIT had the one experiment that worked.

The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob said Eve was the mother of all human beings.

OMG, now THAT is funny as hell! :laughing:

So what? That doesn’t mean there isn’t another species or numerous other species of intelligent life on other planets and if there is, they too are children of God since he made the entire universe.

How would Eve give birth to a Martian?


There may be a possibility that a strong enough black hole could increase the speed of light in a vacuum but it’s certainly never been proven.

One more time, anther species in another star system would not have arisen from Eve and would not be a human. It might be something very similar to humans but it would not be Human.