Have you heard of flying mines?

You outed yourself long before this incident even occurred.

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That’s pretty cool…

Well I’m not involved in any of that. I too disbelieve this story. But I’m still curious about where you found that footage and how a camera could have been there, and at that angle to capture that. Is that altered footage perhaps…:man_shrugging:

Dude. It’s from the movie Superman.

The crew says that they witnessed an airborne object. This was likely the directive of the ship’s Japanese owner.

What the drone video shows is the Iranians removing an unexploded magnetic or adhesive-mounted mine that was attached to the ship above the water line. This is why you see them standing on the deck of their “Bass Pro Shop” patrol boat while removing the mine.

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You’re an other one that believes the Islamo Fascists and does not believe the US Navy? Adios

Ok thanks, I don’t go to theaters, I outgrew that some time ago.

Keep your day job playing the digerdoodle. Weapons analysis is not your thing.

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It depends, as the ship widens towards the rear from the bow, it’s possible that it could strike anywhere along the vessel from the bow to its widest spot midship. But it would certainly be below the water line. The owner of the vessel says no cargo was lost so the ship did not rise because of becoming lighter. The holes are well above the water line and the crew (so multiple persons) reported that they were struck by airborne objects.

Those two warmongering neocon freaks, Bolton and Pompeo are both hoping they get their wet dreams with this, and no personal loss because they won’t be shedding any blood.

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STILL waiting to see them

Never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. It ruins their whole day.

I think we’ve covered that pretty well already. What questions remain?

Mines don’t have to fly to do damage above the water.

The ship may very well have both been mined and had a missile launched at it when the mines failed to have the desired effect.

The Iranian Swift boats are quite capable of deploying/launching both along with torpedoes.

Shallow running torpedoes can and often will strike at or above the settled waterline due to wave action.

Disliking America?
Does “liking” America involve swallowing the 911 lie hook line and sinker?

This is about false flags as a result of which millions of people die, including many Americans.
Wake up

The West should stay out of the Middle East but it’s not allowed to, Western nations are there and go there to fight wars to both protect Israel and to attempt to create The Greater Israel for The Synagogue of Satan.

Anyone out there who thinks that Western nations get involved to protect the Western way of life etc are complete imbeciles.


That’s what I have been saying, but my posts are gang-flagged and keep disappearing

Absolute truth. Many awake ■■■■ know that Judaism is satanic, including the Canadian researcher (■■■■■■■ Henry Mokow

Exactly, as it’s not threatened at all.

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Yep, that’s what they’re doing. Shinning a light of truth has that effect.

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Oh bullshit. As long as the ME controls 1/3 of the world’s oil supply the developed world will do what it can to keep that oil flowing.

You lying trolls are just sick, disgusting, ■■■ Hating pieces of shit.

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