Have you heard of flying mines?

Of course not.
The vessel was not hit by an “Iranian” mine

I never navigated a ship, but if it hits a mine, wouldn’t damages occur in the front, not on sides?

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They do not exist. You are still trying to defend Islamo-Fascist terrorist Iran.

Show us one “flying” mine in the US arsenal of weapons.

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There are no such things as flying mines. I Googled it. Why does this guy love Muslim terrorists

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Like all anti-Americans, he defends all evil and attacks America. You’ll see that as time goes by

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Damages are above the water line.
Goes to show it’s a fabricated lie.
“Iranian” mine is a big lie.
The ship was hit by a missile only the US can use.

A war with Iran means WWIII.
Golem with no brains don’t understand it.

America’s days are numbered, just like Israel, if ruled by the Deep State and idiots.

Trump is doing a great job steering away from crazed Democrats and Zionists.

So that is all this thread is about, you disliking America.

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You are an idiot. Mines will detonate wherever they strike or are attached and that is usually going to be somewhere along the side.

If they are floaters suspended by cables and the bow crosses the cable it eventually drags it to the side where contact is made and it detonates.

If they are magnetic floaters as the ship passes by they are drawn to it and contact the sides in almost all cases.

Limpet mines which is what these were said to be can be placed by divers or left floating on the surface and they attach magnetically or chemically wherever they come into contact with the ship.

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What a bunch of BS. A tanker losing it’s load becomes more buoyant and rides higher in the water than it did prior to the strike. It’s a matter of simple buoyancy.

Iran has probably more anti ship missiles than any other military on the planet save the US and perhaps China and their small fast boats are equipped with them.

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Still waiting to see that item

It’s irrelevant, no need for a flying mine.



Even their small coastal patrol boats can launch anti ship missiles and lay salvos of mines similar to the way WWII destroyers laid dept charges.

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Yeah, that’s the point of the op. Mines are generally tethered in suspension below the surface, not floating where they would do damage at the water line and otherwise be visible. The crew witnessed an airborne object.

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Once again demonstrating you have no idea what you are talking about.

Mines are only tethered if you want to protect a specific are of the coastline or shipping lanes.

Free floating mines are used with intent to seek out ships by following the current.

Correct, and none of the cargo spilled from the ship so it’s not floating higher in the water.

TOKYO — Two “flying objects” damaged a Japanese tanker owned by Kokuka Sangyo Co in an attack on Thursday in the Gulf of Oman, but there was no damage to the cargo of methanol, the company president said on Friday.

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Two words for you, “pitch and roll”, two more, “wave action”.

The strikes are right at or just above the waterline, not twenty feet up.

This is the footage that Pompeo doesn’t want us to see.


Criticizing USFP is no indicator that someone doesn’t like America. Quite a broad brush there…

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Where did you find that at???

You have made it quite apparent that you hold the US responsible for pretty much all of the ills of the world from 1945 on.

I’m a Russian bot so Putin gave this footage to me directly. Oh wait, wrong platform, that’s on Twitter. MAGApedes have branded me a racist America hating Nazi here, because I don’t believe anything about this nonsense story.