Has trump derangement syndrome become a national security threat?

It’s been over two months since Democrats stole an election and have shut down almost all chatter of the clear election fraud.

We have. 10,000 armed troops in DC because a few protesters took a few funny pictures.

Joe Biden can’t draw a crowd.

Americans are getting shit down because trump won…

tds had created a national constitutional crisis.


what can we do now??

Well, for one, you could dismiss the op’s lies about what the Trumpers did when we have a serious amount of damage to the capital building. I’d like to see the op take up the tab for repairs to the capital. Then there’s the matter of 5 dead as a result of the attack on the capital, and the many injured. As a result our capital building and much of DC is occupied by military, and the mall is closed to Americans for the inauguration.

Then there’s the matter of the attorneys for the Trumpers that were arrested, using the defense that they were simply doing what the president told them to do, and that they have the reasonable expectation of believing what the president told them…:flushed:

Looks like everybody’s drop each other’s ass in the grease…:rofl:

Trump told them to go home.

It was done by antifa, pretending to be Trump supporters.
Interestingly, they were let in by the (corrupt) police.

What the left didn’t expect was that Pelosi’s computers would be taken, which revealed the Vatican’s involvement in the election fraud.

I don’t know which side they are on.


What’s the point of the capital if ppl are in there because of fake ballots. Shouldn’t the real winners be in there? There is a chance harris will be president… that should scare the leftist of left… she’s a overly uneducated emotional female who hasn’t don’t anything. She put ppl in jail for weed and used them for slave labor

NOT until several hours later that afternoon/evening.

But don’t be mad at me, it’s these guys lawyers that are defending these Trumpers on the basis that they were just doing what Trump told them to do…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yep, Trump told antifa that they’re great patriots, they’re special and he loves them…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You can attempt that argument on a political forum where nothing matters.

But these Trumpers are who’s being arrested, and prosecuted.

Before that what did he say? Are you trying to ban protest ? Come and stop
Us hehe

There is video lol monte poor monte

Call CNN.
A CNN reporter was among them.

Barack Obama proved you do not need experience to be president.

It may not be a national security threat , it’s more like the Wuhan virus that has gone coast to coast.TDS has affected the area of of the brain that controls the ability to make solid rational thinking. The Commiecrats immune system is extremely vulnerable to TDS which has caused them to be unable to govern anywhere because of the inability to make sane rational judgments.

Well that was a hell of a dodge Didge…:thinking::rofl:

BTW, Trump proved that when you come to DC without any experience, America runs your ass off, you get impeached twice, banned from social media, businesses cut ties with you, basically when you’re the nasty ass piece of shit that he was, you get fucked…

I’m in shock at the results! This man did this in 4 years!? I just can’t believe it

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Yes, Imagine what 4 more years would have produced!!!

Now they want to shove in 15 min wage that will kill small business… Democrats are a national security threat

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Biden just added 25 thousand troops to make it look like he has a crowd lol because no one is showing up because no one voted for him haha

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He’s trying to give Iran a nuke… I mean comeon … screw the republic if we can’t get a fair election

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The TOWELHEADS are dancing in the streets yover the election of a WEAKLING president.Israel will again be alone in opposition to Iran. Traitor John Kerry could be an Ambassador to Iran. Iran will deevolve the ME into CHAOS attempting to spread its
“INFLUENCE” also knowned as Radical Islamic Terrorism .it
TDS is a deadly contagious disease that prevents the brain from making any type of cohrerent decisions and thoughts. It has spread widely through the House and has now appeared in the Senate.


Biden’s first week
Millions of new illegals get the right to vote

Iran has a nuke

Hundreds of thousands of businesses will have to close

Paris accord will kill our small business

Farms will get destroyed with new epa regulations

Mask mandate? Yea it’s over

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