Harry and Meghan ignored aides’ advice about quitting

Nearly every newspaper this morning front-paged this anachronistic drivel. I mean who, other than small-minded individuals who adore some privileged not-very-bright person who despises them, would GAF. It’s Brenda’s problem, nobody else’s. WTF is happening to us that we have become obsessed with mindless trivia?

Well obviously you find it compelling enough to start a thread over.

Who is Brenda?

The queen, aka Elizabeth Regina.

How do you get Brenda out of that?

There’s a topical magazine here called Private Eye, and they bestowed the nickname on her years ago.

I am not very interested in the life and times of the welfare addicted royal family, but there was a segment on this on Tucker Carlson last night and apparently all of this is about that deranged lunatic Meghan Markle not feeling special enough and wanting to take the royal family brand and make a bunch of money off it. I hope the Brits are pissed off - especially after that gay multiculti wedding you all put together for her.

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She’s a spoiled brat who is wrecking a family and their traditions. That’s what it all boils down to. There are plenty of evil women like this who act this way as soon as they get married. They want to pull their husband away from his family. It doesn’t help that she’s Hollywood elite scum.

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Her job was to destroy the Royal Family from inside, but the Royals have caught on and aren’t having any of it.

They’re trying to escape being Diana’d because Megan the cumbucket knows that she is up for the chopping block for being a degenerate whore, and Harry is an idiot who’s going along with it all and pushing for SJW shit. They think they can escape to Africa to escape Lizzie’s magic. They are wrong.

They also have not said they will formally renounce their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so basically they’re full of shit.

That’s what happens when fatazz Oprah gets involved .

I could care less about the Royals. If they want to get away and live as an ordinary couple, let them. Harry seems like a man you could have a shot and a beer with at any pub.
Let his prune faced stuffed shirt father and grandmother let him have his independence and wish him well . The Royals are irrelevant here anyway .


I don’t know about ‘traditions’, but the family has been dysfunctional for years. They’re a waste of taxpayer pounds and er, space! If they want to bugger off and live somewhere else, who the hell cares? If any plebs do care then they should get an effing life!!

I was saying to a friend of mine only yesterday that he was never happier than when he was in the military . . . until some palace jobsworth had him pulled out in case he was snatched by the Talibs, and he hasn’t been the same since.

They’re parasites; what we pay them would build half a dozen hospitals - or a few prisons, which we’re going to need very soon. I often say that there are parasites and the bottom of society, and there are parasites at the top of it, and we in the middle have work all our lives to keep them all.

The royal family generate more money than they cost the UK that’s a mathematical fact

Well I’d agree that it’s what we’re fed. And who pays for the upkeep of Buckingham Palace and all the castles?

Questions are being asked if Megans application for British citizenship will be impacted. During the application process non EU spouses are not permitted to spend more than 90 days outside of the UK in any 12 month period.

If they remove themselves from Royal duties then any protection they receive due to Harry should be paid out of their own pocket and not by the taxpayer.

This is Unchartered territory for the Royal Family and will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Harry is the ultimate revenge (a time-bomb) by Diana on the family that killed her and whose intention to do so she had known.

Harry is not of Charles.

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The UK would keep those royal sites open with or without the continued existence/support of the royal family as historical sites and museums.

The revenue generated through ticket and memorabilia sales along with all of the taxes arising from same more that picks up the taxpayer portion of the bill.

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