Happy Brexit Day to our British Friends

I just wanted to wish all of our British friends a very happy Brexit day. Nice job finally throwing off the yoke of control levied upon you by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats from other countries. I hope every single EU flag in the UK gets taken down today and burned. Nice job.



Great final speech by Nigel at the EU in Brussels. They kill his mic for waving the UK flag and order that the flags be removed. This is why globalism doesn’t work.


This is great news! Now they need to work on getting the 7th century death cult from taking over their country. It’s a big task but similar to what we have to do in the US with all of the illegals.


I hope all of the Brits are excited for excellent trade deals with the US now that they have finally gotten rid of the socialist scourge that is the European Union.

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This is awesome news and for a while I didn’t think it was actually going to happen.

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I’m sure that Nigel is devastated! NOT! :rofl:

Britain has been through a long struggle to get out of the EU.

Nigel accomplishes being ostracized without saying a word!

I’m about 8 pints in. FUCK THE EU we are just about gone!


Congratulations man…this was a long time coming for your country and I hope all of the leftists are absolutely seething right now.

You do understand that many “lefitsts” wanted to leave. A significant percentage of Labour strongholds whose electorate would never dream of voting Tory wanted fo leave the EU. Corbyn himself was a Eurosceptic.

It will be interesting to see how the next few years turn out.

Good stuff! I hope this boosts your economy! Certainly Glad that hag May is not there anymore!

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We did it lads, economy may well be fucked but we did it. Free from Germany at last!

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I’m really happy for all of you in Great Britain. Now that you’ve taken your country back formally you need to take it back physically from all of the people you were forced to let in by the lunatics in the EU.

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Yep, he’s a statesman in the true sense of the word, and it’s why he’s so universally loathed - because he makes the career politicians look like the self-serving bumbling waste-of-space bureaucrats they really are. I actually believe that if it hadn’t been for Johnson taking over the leadership of the Tory party from the gormless May, there would have been rioting in the streets demanding a prime minister Farage.

Thank you my American friends for your good wishes. It’s so good to have our independence back, and no longer be governed by unelected, bullying foreigners. Some of the MSM are headlining this morning ‘Goodbye to the EU’, but I’d have added ‘and good riddance.’ After all these years I’ve actually become sick of hearing EU bigwigs speaking English like Inspector Clousseau.

Nigel got it right (as he so often is) when he said in his valedictory speech from Brussels, ‘We don’t hate Europeans, we hate the EU.’

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Now your task is to get rid of those unelected, bullying, Islamic promoters of Sharia Law.


If only! But where to begin?

Make a law that calls for the deportation of any and all persons who preach hatred and call for the killing of ‘infidels’. Monitor the mosques to detect and record such Imams in the act of doing so.

But where do we deport our own nationals to? And mosques can’t be monitored because non-Muslim attendees would stand out like a sore thumb; and anyway freedom to worship here is the same as it is in your country, so what can they be accused of? If only it were as easy as you make it appear to be.