Happy Brexit Day to our British Friends

Farage is a career politician. He was a MEP for 20 years and has tried 7 times to be elected to Parliament.

And no one would have been rioting in the streets demanding for Prime Minister Farage.

I give it less than 10 years before there is another referendum or election ran on the question of joining the EU.

The difference is that he’s a patriotic career politician.

Just because someone may not have the same political views as you or want to take the country in a different direction does not make them any less patriotic.

…and (if so) it will fail.

So a communist trying to take over the reins of the United States is patriotic? Bullshit with a bow on it.

Dont be so sure. It was hardly a massive majority that voted to leave. If at the time Cameron and his cabinet had not been so dismissive of the Brexit faction the result could have been easily a narrow win for remain.

Back in 2016 Farage was all gung ho for a second referendum in the event of a narrow loss for Brexit. Funny how he did a complete u-turn on that when the vote narrowly went in the way he wanted.

Your logic is flawed. Read the banner…

Nigel Farage wants second referendum if Remain campaign scrapes narrow win

It didn’t…he didn’t!

Try an online course in logic…or download this free book.


No, he was against those that voted to remain who lost by the same narrow margin having a second referendum that he himself wanted if leave had lost. He is a hypocrite just like your bog standard politician.

Yes I know I had a run on sentence, sue me.

That still doesn’t make sense.

Farage wanted a second referendum IF REMAIN CAMPAIGN WON BY A NARROW MARGIN.

REMAIN CAMPAIGN DID NOT WIN BY A NARROW MARGIN. REMAIN LOST. So Farage no longer wanted a second referendum. There is no hypocrisy in that.

It appears that many Brits agreed with him. This screen shot is from your link.

It is highly likely that each side would want a recount IF THAT SIDE lost by a narrow margin. It does not follow that each side would want to allow a second referendum if they won by a narrow margin.

The margin was indeed a bit smaller than 52-48, but the Brexit crowd won by 3.78 points (1,268,265 votes). No need for a recount or a second referendum.

You are deluding yourself if you do not think 52-48 is a narrow margin. Its a win yes but not a decisive win.

Anyway its a moot point. Brexit is a done deal.

For a democratic vote, a verified win by 1 vote is legitimate. My local government often has elections that are decided by less the 1% of the total vote.

1.26 million+ votes out of 33 million+ total votes is not really a close vote.

Nonetheless, Britain is once again a sovereign nation.

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Last night I was astonished to see remainers holding candle lit vigils. For goodness sake how crass and immature is that?

Remainers still think glass half-empty. If they would only realise the potential of the UK and shout us up…not down there would be more sense in that.

After years of neglecting our country while paying into a club that has dictated to us what we can and can’t do, it’s time to spend on our country to make it great again. The EU was happily taking our contribution even though we had real poverty in our country and the worst infrastructure…but they had to milk us dry so our tax payers paid for struggling and lazy counties to have better road and rail networks and lower retirement ages.

Are you guys going to call the remainers “leavers” since there is no going back to the EU? They should probably pack their things and go.

Because the reality is that the nanny state is dying a slow death and will no longer be able to suck on the tit?

I know, I know! The actual reality of having to earn an honest days work can be pretty terrifying to contemplate! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The ill-conceived and misbegotten EU project is finished, especially now they won’t have our membership contributions which they’d earmarked to construct their new army: and with the vox pop discontent in other member states (especially Italy) which is being kept out of the news broadcasts, I’ll be surprised if it lasts another 10 months without going bankrupt. It’s a house of cards, and it’s about to come crashing down - and I pity the populaces of the member countries for the chaos which is in store for them when it does.

And if feels so good. It has been like being becalmed in the May doldrums for nearly 4 years when suddenly along comes BoJo like a welcome wind to fill the sails and get us on course to independence and self-respect again. It’s a bit like when The Blessed Margaret came along after Labour had made us ‘the sick man of Europe’, and she saved us from national obscurity. Sorry for all the metaphors? :grimacing:

No, it made them - the Remainers - naive for believing Project Fear; also the traitors who had their own agendas and vested interests.

Now I ask ya, why would Britain wish to leave; when so many brilliant minds are in charge of the EU. Jean Claude Juncker believes ALIENS are worried … - mirror

https:// www.mirror.co.uk /news/weird-news/jean-claude-juncker-believes- aliens -8393024

I recall being taught that one cannot defeat a political enemy without knowledge of its tenets. You must convince others that a political threat promotes things that are undesirable by any person who values common decency and equality of opportunity.

Islam has two agendas; one religious, one political.

I recently purchased a very short, paperback book Sharia Law for Non-Muslims.

I am about 24 pages into its total 51 pages of text. I read a few pages very carefully, then reread the same pages perhaps several times, to verify the context of the words and convince myself that I understand what is being said, no matter how outlandish it may seem.

To convince your friends and neighbors of the need to rid Great Britain of Islam, I suggest you study Islam and Sharia Law.

I have no financial interest in the sales of these books but I do recommend the books published by CSPI, Center for the Study of Political Islam. They are listed in the Preface to the one book I have purchased to date.

The books are divided into Levels of Learning, 1 thru 4. Each Level consists of several books.

Here are just two examples of the repugnance of Islam:

While this topic is very loosely connected to the thread topic, I think it should be discussed further in a separate thread.

An excellent post as usual, asaratis. I’m now going to look for a thread where I can comment on it a bit further . . . I have something to say about the stabbings in Streatham yesterday, which you (nor anyone else probably) won’t agree with, but then that’s what discussion forums are all about. Suffice to recollect I posted yesterday that some of the stabbings here are terror-related?

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